Sunday, April 29, 2012

Talent Show

Lina and Abby had a chance to perform on Friday night. They have been planning and practicing for this big day for a while now. The looked AMAZING! Great rhythm, great smiles, great hearts! I love seeing my kids shine at what they are good at and this, this Lina is good at! You go girl.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Natural Beauty

Isn't this amazing! I caught the bee just in time.

Ocean waves, breaking against the beach remind of the continual grace God offers. It never stops, day and night, always there.

Okay.. so only  the trees in this one. NOT the cars! But still, look how they're lined up. Wow!

Can I take your picture?

We tried so hard to all get in this one! As you can see we were laughing to hard to tell!

Love taking pictures and having fun with my camera. I prefer landscape shots but when a perfect family picture happen.. I take it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hooray for Hollywood!  Fast cars, big money, and tourist like us. Hollywood is just a fun sight to see. Ya never know what might be out your window.

We took the family to the Hollywood Stars and Graumann's Chinese Theatre. This here star is for my man. In our earlier days, Ms. Basinger was IT. She was the actress of choice for him and we all remember Batman. Yep, clinched the deal.

And who doesn't love Hugh Jackman??

This is Mr. T's look alike. We walked on hands and feet of actors, singers, dancers and musicians from every era. Very magical moment.

Our sweet girl. This shirt was perfect for her. We call her Hollywood so it seemed only appropriate to get her this fun shirt. Her goal.. find the Biebs!

 Shopping anyone? We just drove on by... actually we wanted Frozen Yogurt and got lost looking for it. If you're gonna get lost I guess this is the street to do it on.

The future American Idols!

Hollywood, another great stop along the way. So glad we did it!