Saturday, June 30, 2012

Probably NOT my brightest moment

So how many geese does it take to fill up a washer? Looks like today I got to find out! (Said in my hugh squeeky voice.)  Yeah, talk about A MESS! Goodness merciful heavens, I have been doing laundry for two days straight. Blankets mostly from camping and a few loads of clothes, annnnd two sleeping bags. It was time to give my pillow a good washin', dust mites and all. Who knew you couldn't do that? Apparently, me. THEN, then, the washer decided to act up again after I cleaned it out. Okay, so I thought it was all done. I had to open the "clean me out" plug and WHOOOSH goes the water. Suddenly these words came bellowing from the basement,"Mommmmm! There's water coming through the vent!!!" Just what I want to do today: pull out my washer and dryer for a good floor scrubbing on top of all the other chores on my list.

Hope the geese are happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Future Graphic Artist/ Inventor/ Creator

Angelina is one of our creative souls. She plays the flute. She makes jewelry. She paints abstract art. She does fantastic hair styles. And apparently, she also has a knack for advertising and inventing. This was her creation one day. She thought it up, figured it would be easier than using a pump lotion, and Wa Laa, we now know what it takes to make using lotion easier. Who Knew?  Anything she can create to make her life easier, oh baby, she will find a way to create it.  You go girl!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

  This summer we are being intentional with our time.On Thursdays, Angelina and a few of her friends are here for Bible Study/Learning  Real Life. Last week we tackled ice cream the old fashioned way. It's easy, yummy and fast. Well... most of it was yummy. A few of the girls ended up with salty ice cream. But they will know next time what NOT to do. :) I love this time together each week listening to them discuss the Word of God and then giggling like girls should, having fun together.  Sweet summer memories.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Walk that Walk

My girls and their shoes. Let me just say, since they had money in hand, their OWN money that is, they have been buying shoes. And not just any shoes, but shoes that speak VOLUMES about their personality.  Can you guess who is who? Oh my goodness, I had to smile when they brought them in and put them on. Giggling, happy, ecstatic more like it. One daughter is so Retro 60's and the other so Cinderella. Love it! Love, Love, LOVE it!