Friday, December 23, 2011

Work. 11 AM. Possible?

 Good Morning World!  I'm sure that's what DPH was thinking when he looked outside this morning after the snowstorm. I think his next thought may have been,"Dang. I work today." and so begins the shovelling. Little did we know it was about a foot of snow, far more than predicted.

 After 30 minutes with shovels, Gabe joined the adventure. Yeah for snow blowers. Maybe DPH will get to work after all....on time. 

DPH and Boo scrapped the snow from his car, dug around his car, and well.. dug some more

The snow blower made its way to the court too. Between shovels, snow blowers and some muscle, these men were makin' progress. The clock is ticking.

And even more shoveling. Tick. Tock. Let's get this baby out of the snow. Just a few more inches. Okay, maybe more than a few. DPH made it to the mail box. Good start. Just have to get the rest of the way up the street.
 Hey.. is that a kind neighbor? Well, what do ya know?
Gabe and Boo pushed DPH all the way to the corner.... and Charley followed. Moral support. DPH made it through the snow and up the street. Well... there ya go. One more for the team.

All's well that ends well. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The White Stuff

It snowed twice this week. I truly didn't think we were getting any of the fluffy white stuff this week but sure enough, here it is! One day the weather report is clear, the next day they change their mind and say a 10 percent chance of snow, and the next day we get 8 inches. Crazy Colorado!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Table

Many years ago, say 20, when we found out we were having our first baby, we purchased our first REAL furniture.... this table. We searched and searched. I wanted old country style and T wanted oak.  When we saw this set with 6 chairs comfortably around it, I told T,"I want to fill this table up." Here we are 22 years later and it's full. Not only are we blessed with our kids home for Christmas but we have extra chairs to boot!  A dream come true.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A little bit of Christmas

What's Christmas without a chocolate pie!

Our tree in the basement. It adds a bit of charm to the room.

Our family room ... a warm fire and a cute tree.

My sweet girl eats up books like I eat chocolate.

My little baker!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My MRI Nap

Who would have known when I scheduled my MRI, I would get a nap for free?

Let me back up a few days...

Finally got into a Podiatrist this week and he took some more Xrays of my cute little foot. Well, after looking at them and seeing a Sesamoid bone not looking so Sesamoid-ish-like, an MRI was scheduled. I strolled on in today thinking the worse...Was I going to be clothe-less? Would I freeze for 30 minutes while trying super hard to be still? Would I suddenly feel the need to run out? What if the water I drank earlier hit me in the middle of the scan? AHHHH!

Well, I walked up to the receptionist and said,"Umm.. I have a killer headache. Can I take Advil?" After getting her approval and drinking even MORE water, it was time to be shoved, I mean placed in the tube. I told the gal running this GIANT machine I run really cold. No problem... they have plenty of blankies. So far so good. Then she said the magic words, "Oh stayed dress."  She fluffed a pillow, placed my foot just so, tucked me in all cozy and gave me ear phones. I was thrilled to stretch out for 30 minutes. Anything to get rid of this headache. She chuckled and explained how LOUD this machine is while running. Hey, I needed the rest. I snuggled up and laid real still. With each bang of this magnetic tube, which by the way only went up to my waist, I rested even more. The banging was so rhythmatic it helped me fall into a nice rest.

It was only 30 minutes but just what the doctor ordered..literally. And  I left without a headache. Two for the price of one. I'll take it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here Squirrelly Squirrelly

A couple weeks ago I looked out the kitchen window and saw a squirrel hangin' out in it's mailbox. I could see he was in it backwards but that's nothing unusual for our squirrels. Well.. last week Lina and Boo annouce that the squirrel is dead and very much stuck. Great. A stuck squirrel up a tree.

Have no fear, Lina is here! T dragged the big ladder out and gave her a pair of thick gloves. She tugged and pulled. We were hopin' she wasn't gonna pull its arm off! Come to find out the poor squirrel was trying to get OUT of its box and got stuck.

 She got squirrelly out and flung him on the ground. Poor thing died in the mail box due to being too fat! I guess the seed I put out was high carbs or this squirrel had no self-control.

Looks like I'll have to find some fat free seeds!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dang it.

Six weeks. 6, count them, 6 WEEKS. Six weeks is usually an amount of time for a recovery whether a baby, sports injury, doesn't matter, pick an injury and you usually hear, "Give it about 6 weeks.". Six weeks is usually that magic number.

So you would think.

My dang ol' foot is a mess. More precisely, my toe joint and the area all around it. Of course from walking funny, the rest of my foot is not happy anymore either. The toe joint-area burns tonight. It isn't no fun being held back by such a thing as an injury that you have no clue what the injury is!  And yes, that IS a double negative in one sentence..on purpose!

How does one like myself, simply walk into my daughter's room, hear a POP in her foot and then not be able to walk for 6 pickin' weeks. Tell me? Is it just me, I ask, that silly ol' things like this happens to or are there other 40 something year old women  walking around, no, hobbling too?

Did I mention my house has three levels?

Did I mention that looking cute or even slightly attractive during the Christmas season with some darling heels is OUT OF THE QUESTION!

Did I mention I am a teacher who stands and walks most of 8 hours?

I finally have an appointment Tuesday with a podiatrist. Oh he better have some answers cause I'm not going to continue to gimp along acting like there's nothing wrong.

IT HURTS and needs to go away.

Like yesterday.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where am I now

I am a school teacher.

I am a 5th grade school teacher of 22 children.

I am a 5th grade school teacher of 22 children who need to be acknowledged.

I am a 5th grade school teacher of 22 children who need to be acknowledged each day and given a smile.

I am a 5th grade school teacher who wears down by 3:30pm because of 22 children, full of energy and questions, who need to be acknowledged each day (whether I feel like it or not) and given a smile that is genuine.

You see where this is going. I am a working adult who for some reason has a hard even saying  the right answer to the question,"Do you work?"  "Why yes, I am a teacher." Stumble. Stumble.

Maybe it's because I have been one for so long now. Only difference is the schedule is strictly held, I have tests to administer regularly, I can't just sit on the carpet all day to read something exciting, I get paid now, and oh yeah, I have to get up at 5:30am and actually look decent. Well, 5 out of 6 isn't so bad?

Processing. First year out of the home, I'm not teaching my own child what I'd like her to get, I am investing greatly in 22 children I just met, and somehow trying to juggle the rest of life.

Hmmm... where will this new journey take me at 44 years of age? Only time will tell.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Meal. One Day

WOW! Boo had an opportunity with Compassion to do this video over the summer as well as take pictures for a HUGE board to encourage sponsorship of children through Compassion. It's so cool to see your children participate in a ministry that changes the child at a time.

One Meal. One Day. November 9, 2011

You go Girl!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trinidad.... The City that Sleeps

Sleepy little Trinidad.
We ventured over for a night to make our morning drive home a bit easier. Found a cute BnB, made our reservations, and had a plan. Little did we know Trinidad closes up quite early or better yet, never even opens on Sundays.  We drove around looking for a place to grab some lunch that had a TV with the Broncos game playing. Two choices in town... a bar and a pizza joint. Luckily the pizza joint had a TV and they were Broncos fans and the food was wonderful! A meal and the game. I won't mention how badly our team played.

 We wandered over to the Tarabino BnB  to get settled in. We were the only guest in the whole house.  We finished the game, played some cribbage, still not so hungry for dinner, so we went for a stroll in the neighborhood. The views from atop the hill were lovely. This little town has brick streets in most parts. A bit of character, I'd say.

So it was a good thing our hostess of the mostess offered us oatmeal cookies. Turns out, that was our dinner. We weren't hungry until about 8 o'clock that night and wouldn't you know it, the town was done for the day. I guess we could have wandered over to Mickie D's for dinner, but NOT. So a night in was on order. A big ol' house with just us two.