Saturday, September 14, 2013

Elizabeth Grace-Marie, Boo Boo, Gracie May

My baby girl is 19!!!

So we celebrated like any good family does. Friends, food and a little Nertz competition. 

Gabriel T and Sarahh Beth

The food was wonderful! T smoked all day in spite of the rain. It took a wee bit longer than anticipated but was so worth the wait.

Happy Birthday Boo! We love you!

Hip Hiking

This man of mine... he's amazing. Really.
He had major surgery in August having his hip replaced. He has done mar-ve-lous! Today we went out and hiked five miles, slow and steady but he did it. No more hobbling or waddling along. T always come back roaring!  He can't quite tackle the trail on his bike but watch out.. that won't be too far off. I'm thrilled it's over and even more thrilled he has years of biking, hiking, running and walking ahead of him... pain free!
The sky today shouted After-The Storm blue. It was oh-so Colorado beautiful.
Happy September to you all!