Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Colorado Style 2008

New Year's Eve 2008 was a very fun night full of family, friends, and of course FOOD! I feel like all we've done over our Christmas break was eat!! We actually made it til midnight, watched the ball drop and fireworks from Pikes Peak. 2008 was a big year for our family with lots of change and adjustments. We made with God's grace and look forward to 2009.
Happy New Year eveyone!

Momma Joanna and Kadence looking snazzy and very festive.
Auntie Gina sneaking in some more kisses.
Our girls danced to Micheal Jackson getting the party started.

Cousins... and dear friends.

Sisters.... She's still older and I still color my hair!

What do you know, we got a picture with both of us smiling!

The pool table and basement have been a hit! We love it! Party over here..whoo woo!

Gabe and Devon

T's amazing handy work! We now have an official theatre! He is almost done, just a few more finishing touches. We were rocking out to the Eagles concert! So it doesn't look like rockin' out but I was dancing away!
Great picture huh? Reginia and Dave, 23 years and counting. Go Teter's, Go Teter's!

Another great picture! Joanna and Robby.... We're so glad they're here in beautiful Monument with us.

Game Time!
We had some more special guest here... Kim and Eric. Another fun couple.

Someones tired! After the ball dropped we scurried to bed. An early morning flight was beckoning.

Christmas Joy 2008

Merry Christmas! This was a great year of family and fun. We enjoyed having Mom and Dad in as well as my sister, Reginia, and her family. Of course it wasn't the same without Josh here.
This is a great gift from Mom and Dad. Lina always wanted a BIG Off Road Truck
and now she has one!

Doesn't he look good.. Broncos hat and all! One good looking man, yep.

Angelina was very excited to receive The Littlest Pet Shop! Kuddos goes to T for picking this out.
Gabe's new Iron Gym. Go Mr. Buffness.

T has always loved the he can wear the gear without fear of Boos and Hisses.

So fun having cousins here!

Keaton is soooo cute!

All of the ladies got some special jewelry from Mom and Dad.
This is a very special gift from my folks. Dad gave Mom lots of jewelry through the years and this is from a charm bracelet she had. I love it!
Gabe and Kadence

It's adult stocking time! Another family tradition. We love adult stocking time!

Jenna, Keaton and Boo

Dave and Reg are IMing Josh on Christmas Day in Japan. Auntie and Little Man
Jenna Bug and Gabe

Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls some birthstone necklaces. So nice!
So that's it! We had a great day together.

Christmas Eve from Beginning to End

Our Christmas celebration started off with a trip to the airport in the wees hours on the 23rd to pick up the Teter bunch. After a night's rest we were excited about the Christmas Eve events. We went to church for a beautiful service and then had appetizers for dinner. The kids opened their traditional Jammies gift too! Mom and Dad flew in on the 24th so off to the airport Joanna and Reginia went! We were so excited to have Mom and Dad here and look what she brought...fudge! Oh there is none on the planet like Mom's fudge. Thank you Mom!

We tried to get a cute picture with Dad but SHE decided to show us her food instead!

My sweet man and my mom. "Quota of the day"for pictures is almost done!

Reginia, Dave, Jenna and Nacoya. Joshua is missing this year from our home due to his assignment with the US Marines. He is located in Japan but was in our hearts and on our minds everyday.
Christmas Eve 2008 Me and my girls!

Gabriel T and Jenna Bug

Here is the fudge!
Time to crash! Christmas morning is coming soon!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This year we started a new family tradition, TheThruston Twelve Days of Christmas. The kids got something fun or quirky each day until Christmas Eve. I can't seem to find all the pictures of each day! Hmm... Of course, Jammies are ALWAYS on Christmas Eve!