Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Air Force Academy Thunderbirds

Today was the graduation at the Air Force Academy. We took advantage of the nice weather and hiked over to see the Thunderbirds in action. T met up with us on his bike and we planted ourselves on a bench. The Santa Fe Trail is long and we only made it a few miles in before we stopped to watch the airshow. The Thunderbirds fly over every year for graduation... and traffic stops on I-25 for some officials from Washington. Today it was Vice President Joe Biden. It was a great show and great exercise.

Another bridge shot. I really like landscape pictures.
Cool Bridge on the way over to the Academy.

Love this picture! Texture, color, and depth.

Acrobatics in the air!

How cool is this!!!! Our destination.... looking and watching.
Four of the six jets zooming by...

1st Place!

Angelina received a 1st place trophy for the Young Writers contest at school today! She received it for the category of Picture Book, grades 3-5. I was so so so thrilled!!! She worked really hard on it! Go Lina!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Morning at Bear Creek

Today was one of the last field trips for the year. Angelina has a great school, I know I've said it before but I'll keep saying it! The school has kept a Fine Arts emphasis and this field trip was to sketch pictures of nature. It was drizzly at times but we had a good time anyhow. So she sketched and I clicked. Both forms of art. I'm much better at clicking!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation May 19, 2009

This is Gabe and Tony. Tony is our youth pastor and Gabe's mentor this year.

Proud Dad!
Becca and Grandpa had a measure off to see who is really taller.
Kadence and Keaton with their grandpa.

The girls got Gabe a Colorado State sweatshirt for his gift.

A Very Yummy Cake! Except the black frosting made our smiles and lips purple. Uh, huh.

Rob and Jo gave Gabe a very cool watch for graduation. Gabriel received some really special gifts from family and friends.
Yep.... Only picture with my boy.

Silly boy.

Three generations.

So... graduation is over and boy was it a full week. Great family time and lots of work indeed. Cook, clean. Cook, clean. We had a marvelous family dinner the night before graduation and also went out to eat with the T-side for a nice dinner another night. My mom cooked a great country breakfast the morning after graduation and we all just ate ourselves to death.... all week long. I am really proud of our son and his accomplishments. He is excited and ready for college. I am also soooo happy he had both sets of grandparents here to celebrate. That doesn't happen often anymore with all the distance between everyone. So, this boy of mine is grown. Graduation is complete and now off he goes to join the world and make his mark. He has already in my heart already.
So here's to Gabriel T. Hip Hip Hooray!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Office Project: Check

It looks fantastic! Terrell and the girls did a great job finishng up... well, mostly Terrell. Now we need some decorations and a theme. Maybe a couch or small love seat. Oh, and bookcases. Hmm...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

My kids gave me a very fun gift... a bag if new make-up!
My sweet husband got me new glasses from my favorite place... Brighton. It was time. The last pair was 5 years ago!

Sweet Lina made me a darling magnet at school. So Sweet. I look like my momma here....

and my daddy here! And this card was just great! Very creative and very thoughtful.
Though our weather was yucky and we couldn't go outside today, we made the best of it. I love my kids and am so thankful to be their momma.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Reality Check: Haves and Have Nots

I was thinking today, as I was painting the ceiling over my head and the paint dripped upon my body, about my children. It made me think that maybe there is a conversation worth having, not with them mind you, but with you.

We believe certain things in life are a privilege and other things are necessary. Privileges are optional and necessary things aren't. I was reflecting on what my kids pay for out of their own funds and how they save for their Wants. What made me think about this whilst paint dripped upon me? My son. He is leaving for college soon and we're talking about a lot lately. We started this pretty young. So here are some examples:

Driving.... privilege. The kids can take the bus or as T puts it... use Buffy and Jody. So with this privilege comes the responsibility of paying for their insurance, cleaning the car or truck, and helping out with most of the gas expenses.

Car.. privilege. We aren't thinking this is such a good idea. There is something to be said about appreciating what you have to earn. Our son is quite frugal (on some things!)and even discusses gas mileage in the truck he is hoping to have this summer.

Cell Phone....privilege. I know you want to argue with me here but it really is a privilege. They are quite the luxury. So.. this too they pay for or no phone.

Food... necessity. Which parent would starve their kids? It's my job to have good food for them to eat.

Clothes... necessity and privilege. If the kids have everything they "need" and still want more, well by all means we tell them to mosey on over to the bank and use your funds. This of course causes second thoughts and creates wise stewards of what they do have.

Entertainment... this one is a little tougher. As our children got older their "entertainment needs" GREW and grew quickly. So balance is the key here. Do we pay for every dance and movie. NO. Do we do what's fair. Yes. Do the kids have to have it all and have it right now! No.

So my point is this: your children will be fine without all the newest clothes and the latest cell phone. They will also learn what it takes to buy things in life. One day it will be all up to them anyhow. Make sure you have prepared them while under your care for the reality of life. It sure ain't cheap! Now with this said, bless them too. Unexpected blessings are so much fun!!! Our kids get so giddy when we surprise them.

Reality Check: Where are you on the spectrum of Privilege vs. Necessity? Do you do too much for your kids or too little? Are your kids so young this is the first time you've thought of this? Give it some thought... you'll be glad you did.

Thanks for Listening,
Tuna Jones

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Bit of California

The yard is ready to mow and Gabe couldn't wait! It was a warm 75 degrees here today.
Mr Weed Eater.. Gabe loves to use power tools.

And this here is my New Rose Bush! I love roses, really my favorite flower. No, second favorite. Tulip ranks number 1. Can't wait til it blooms!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I neEd a bReaK

So the time has come.... my body is screaming at me.. YOU ARE ON OVERLOAD!!!! WHY DON"T YOU TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

So With age comes wisdom (hopefully!) and the ability to know when to slow down.

I dropped my class this next 8 weeks to give me some me time. I'll start back up with a bang in July but for now, I want to drink ice tea on my swing, plant flowers in my pots, paint the walls without knowing I should be studying, enjoy my son's graduation, realllly enjoy our three week vacation coming up and listen intently on purpose to the quiet voice of Jesus.

I hope if you get anything from this little post it's this: Listen to your soul when God speaks. I know it's hard but being quiet is sometimes where it's at.

He wasn't in the fire
He wasn't in the quake
He wasn't in the wind
He's in a whisper

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our OCD Days of Truck Hunting are Done

Our good friends, Bob and Holly, did us a HUGE favor! Terrell found a truck in Roseville, Bob drove it and checked it out, we bought it, and then the adventure began.

We said, " Hey drive it out! Come see us!" So off the spontaneous family went from California to Colorado. This is Canada, their adorable Lab.. she got to experience the back of the truck on the way to the grandparents.

Here is our Yukon getting gas somewhere in between here and Utah.

And here it is on the way to the property in Cotapaxi. We all bought some land a few years back and this gave the V's a chance to check it out.

And here is the V family somewhere else on the journey.
We played pool and ping pong too.
Shane and Lina are being silly having a good time together.

Gabe really wants cornrows.. Holly tried!
The men had a good ol' competition of ping pong.

It was great to see Holly and catch up even though it was short lived! Boo Hoo!

Boo and Hannah spent all their time catching up. We hardly saw them for 24 hours.

They did all their favorite things.. making cookies, taking pictures, running around, and of course talking!
We are so thankful they came..... and brought our new truck. What a great adventure!