Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Baaaaack! and I'm Back!

This is strange white pebbly snow. It's bigger flakes now but started off like this. Weird.

Snow that is. Feast or Famine you ask? Feast this week, I think. As I watch this beautiful white stuff fall, I am thinking of HOW I am getting the ranch where Becca is working. It wasn't snowing when I dropped her off. Hmmm...

We made it there and back safe and sound! Put it in 4 wheel drive and took our time. Next stop... school.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gabe's Big Celebration!

Happy Birthday Gabriel T.Gabe celebrated his 18th birthday with family and friends at Claim Jumper's this year. CJ is a family tradition for Gabe so we were really excited to have discovered it in Denver.
Thank you Joanna for taking our quarterly picture! Yes, we really are old enough to have an 18 year child. WOW!

Check out Caleb and Gabe's food!
The Kurtz's came out in style to eat with us.
So after dinner we went to the Beautiful Mall for Gabe's BIG moment. He's been waiting two years to have his ears pierced. We told him at 18 and only then. So 18 and only then it was.
No Fear.

My family... love them way more than ever.
After the long trek home due to traffic issues, Gabe opened his gift from us. We got the boy hikers. Hey.. it's Colorado! Everyone needs a good pair. He loved them!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Happy Birthday Gabriel T!!

18 years ago today I gave birth to our first born and only son. I imagined this day many times but honestly can't believe it's really here already. Who does? You live life, watch your children grow, guide them on their path, pray they make it count and before you know it, it's time to let them fly. He's ready.
It is only appropriate to get more Senior pictures ON his 18th B'day and I really wanted some in the snow. We laughed trying to get a good shot without blinding the boy.

Time goes by so fast, I do say.....

Winter Storm... The Aftermath

Backyard view ...

Good Morning World! It is a beautiful, cold day here in Colorado. I went out this morning just for you to grab these pictures before the clean up started. I think we came in about a foot of snow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winter Storm...8:01 PM

Last batch for the evening! It's 6 degrees outside and hard to breathe. BRRRR! Roads, schools, malls, and theatres are closed everywhere and hopefully people are staying home.

Winter Storm...4:11 PM

That would be my trail there in the snow.
The driveway is gone.. all snow now. Gabe went out in this mess to see a friend. I KNEW my 'Burb would be handy one day! See, that lift did do more than make my truck look mighty fine.

My chili is done and I have a Cup of Joe in my hands.
Never thought I'd see this word this winter..... but there it is, sure enough.

High: 26°
Low: 8°

Winter Storm...2:06 PM

Charley Girl loves the snow but even these temperatures were too much for her. We usually lock the porch to make her go around but apparently it was left open. She sat there and stared at us until Boo went out to save her. Too cute!

Winter Storm... 1:31 PM

Okay... that was a little more difficult! I had to hide my camera and then I changed my clothes when I came back in. Wind and more wind blowing the snow around. Sooooo.... for the next picture update... I'll put my snow boots on NOT my slippers!

Winter Storm...11:54 AM

One hour into the storm...

The NOAA forecasters were right on time. The snow is here and blowing. Terrell just took off to get a couple things like GAS for the snowblower. He said the winds are picking up and the snow is starting to stick to the roads.
Stay tuned!

Winter Storm 10:23 AM

So we are finally getting our good ol' winter storm. Projected to be over a foot! Yeah! We have groceries in the cupboards and movies on hand. I'm going to post pictures as it moves in so you can be right there with me. It is just starting to snow.... stayed tuned.

10:23 am

Basketball for my Boy

It's Basketball Season. (By the way.. Louisville is the bomb!)

Gabe is playing for the Y again this year. We love going and cheering for him and his team. He loves sports and much like his father is willing to tackle new adventures whenever the opportunity arises. Go team!