Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Baaaaack! and I'm Back!

This is strange white pebbly snow. It's bigger flakes now but started off like this. Weird.

Snow that is. Feast or Famine you ask? Feast this week, I think. As I watch this beautiful white stuff fall, I am thinking of HOW I am getting the ranch where Becca is working. It wasn't snowing when I dropped her off. Hmmm...

We made it there and back safe and sound! Put it in 4 wheel drive and took our time. Next stop... school.


Reg said...

Wow! It looks cold and blustery. Time for tea...glad you all made it back and forth o.k. Be careful.

The Klins Family said...

I love these pictures of the snow with the barn and the horse! Can't wait to show these to Sarah, my little equine enthusiast. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, Tina.