Monday, June 30, 2008

Gabe and Lara's Date Night

Tonight Gabe and Lara are going out all gussied up.

Why you ask? Is there a special occasion?

Nope. My son decided it was time to "Not Be So Casual" and dress up for a change. I convinced them to get some pictures before they left since they did NOT buy prom pictures this year. They're too cute!

Gabe bought these "Chips" glasses and insists they're cool! He asked Lara to get her glasses on too for this photo. Two Movie Stars!

California Grandparents

We have the pleasure of having T's parents here for awhile. They waited 'til the thaw to come visit us here in beautiful Colorado. They are enjoying a break from the heat and congestion of So Cal. We are so thankful to have grandparents for our children! We are very blessed.

Red Letters

Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is the day the Lord hath made, I will Rejoice and be glad in it. May you be blessed by the Lord this day! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Buck Chuck, well it used to be!

We love Trader Joe's. They aren't in Colorado yet so we miss getting certain "food" items. We have been scheming on how to get to New Mexico soon to get to the nearest Traders.. but we didn't have too! My in-laws just drove through on their way here. We now have our baking mix: a full case, chocolate, and the new THREE Buck Chuck wine. When did they raise their prices? We could have made the shopping list long but we're talkin' family here. You can't ask too much from them on their vacation.

Anybody else out there LOVE Trader's ... enough for a road trip???

Welcome Tetertots!

Is it possible my sister is blogging! ? I guess so... and I am so excited she is! Welcome to Blogland, it's like chocolate...once you get started, you can't stop.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is for Mom..

Look Mom.... that thing you swore was a weed is this beautiful Poppy. It totally looks weedish to me but the flower is amazing! Up close it looks like tissue paper. I'm told it has a short life after blooming, too bad. I still have no clue what all the flowers are in my yard. Still a California gardener trying to become Colorado expert. I do however have petunias that are doing nicely and I've seen gorgeous flowers like we had in Louisville on Cod Drive on the side of the house..remember. I just had a pre-senior moment and lost the name of them!!!Hmmm.. anyhow...This Poppy will forever be called Bonnie's Weed!
Love You Mom!

Wednesday News

A beautiful sunset....
Father-Son discussion....
Volleyball Practice....
Momma and Baby talkin' to Daddy...
Life is sweet....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little Grasshopper

Isn't he cute?

The Camera Story

Yes... this is mine! I'm so excited about my new camera. Ready for the story....

I turned 40 in September. No, really, I did. I know, you can close you mouth now. Well, I wanted and IPhone for my big 40 and we never bought it. T wrote in my card my gift was coming and said it was a PDA. I read it and thought Public Display of Affection. No seriously I did. Sounded great to me cause I knew I was still getting an IPhone too! In bed that night I said so when do I get my gift. He said he hasn't ordered it yet. I was baffled and said," What do you mean? " I then told him what I thought it meant and he laugheddddd! Such a blonde moment for me. So.... fast forward... we got so busy moving that fall that I never thought about an my gift UNTIL I started blogging. Our old camera served its purpose and I really like it for running out for something quick but I was ready for a better one. AND we don't get Cingular here and had to switch to Verizon. There goes the IPhone. AND well, Gabe needed senior pictures taken, Lina needed some pictures taken and that was enough for me. AND I don't any skills as Napoleon would say. I need a hobby other than reading and walking. Now I'll have one. Maybe I can even take a class. Yah! Okay so the rest of the story.... My husband gets packages weekly sometimes daily, especially with the bike rebuild. K and I were heading out with the kids for the day (last week) and T informed me a package was coming. I started whining and giving them all my sad song. It goes like this," I never get any packages. I want a package. You always get fun things. I need you to order me something." Can you hear me .. I did a good job whining. Well that afternoon after a marvelous outing we are all on the back porch just hanging out chatting and out walks T with a box. He says,"You want to see what I got?" " Sure." I'm always interested even if I don't know what it is other than something that makes a bike work. He opens this box and it was for MEEEEE! I Got A PACKAGE!!!! He surprised me and ordered the camera I wanted!!!!! So way cool. That was a great package, let me tell you. Can you tell I like surprises! So I'm reading the manual and practicing on the kids. Can't wait to take Gabe's senior pictures. I am sooo glad my kids are flexible and trust me too. Oh yeah... the PDA... he got a big ol' kiss from his bride.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mother-Daughter Tea Picture

Good Sunday to you all.... I still owe you the camera story but for now I'm gonna share a photo we got today. Our church took pictures at the Mother-Daughter tea and we got them today..well, Terrell did. He and Gabe went to church, us girls played hookie. Lina has had a fever and I just didn't make it.

Is it possible to give birth to four children and not one favors you? If you checked their DNA you'd know their mine!

Children are a blessing from the Lord.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok... Let's catch up! Part 4..Last One, I Promise

Here are some random fun pictures of the rest of the week..... Enjoy!

Oh yeah, the camera story... that's still to come! Check back tomorrow.

Ok... Let's catch up! Part 3: The Infamous Bike

Is it possible to have too many bikes? Not if your a Jones! Bikes are like flour: a staple in our home. So, remember how the bikes fell off the truck going across Wyoming and became road kill? T has been on the road to repair and purchase ever since. So when he found out BY was coming to Colorado he kicked it into high pun intended. He searched the web for the right part, made phone call after phone call, ordered the part, and here comes another package to the door! The fork, well that was a different story. He had to send it away and watched the tracking daily to make sure it was here on time to rebuild the bike. Gotta love a man who is handy enough to rebuild a bike from ground up. Many nights our conversations took place in the garage while T worked. That bike would be done for BY! So back to the fork ... my sweet husband KISSED it when it came out of the box! He was soooo ecstatic to have it, the final part to the rebuild. BY and Mr. T went on four, yes 4 rides this week. I think Terrell is going to go through withdrawals.

Two Mountain Bikin' Hard Core Men... Don't they look great!

Ok... Let's catch up! Part 2: The Hike

The girls went on a hike while the boys went on a ride. We hiked over to Monument Rock. The weather was perfect and the girls did great. We found some animal bones in trees along the way!
These two remind me of me and K. They talk and chat no matter where they are.

This is my sweet friend K. I love her and enjoyed having some girl time this week. Yah Girl Time!

We have two actresses in the making...

Ok... Let's catch up!

This week has been so fun and full of great times. We had company from GA to CA come see us. The GA cousins spent a few days with us before they took off with family to see the Grand Canyon. Our dear friends from CA came to visit us and some other friends here in Colorado that also moved recently from CA. Small world getting smaller...

On Father's Day we had the Kurtz's over too! BBQ, hike, bike ride, and church! More on the hike and bike ride soon....

Is it possible to get a good picture with silly kids?
Maybe so.

Lots to Tell You...

For now you get this.... What do you think? I got a new camera!!!! Wait 'til you hear the story!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Post Tubal Knowledge

I had a tubal after our last child and have sufferd with PTLS for nine years. Here is a blog that will educate you on PTLS. Be informed.... and pass the word.

Take Care,
Ms Tuna Jones

Can You Say Pollen?

You would not believe the yellow film over everything right now. We were told this happens yearly for a month... it's almost over. We were also told if we get a good hard rain it's over sooner. We haven't seen the rains that are the norm for this time of year yet. Crazy! I just sprayed down our deck in hope of not tracking it in the house so much but I'm thinkin' it didn't help. I just looked down at my pc and it has a light yellow dusting too. It's everywhere. I don't have much to complain about though. Our weather has been splendid. Picture California spring and you have our weather. Perfect.