Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Cup of Joe or Not

See this... of course not! Why you ask? Because taking a picture of yourself having coffee alone isn't so cool. All my coffee friends are still in California. I do hope you are all getting together over a cup of joe for me. I miss you! Send pictures!

Becca's B'Day.. Part 2

Of course no day is complete without a headlock! They are always seeing who's stronger. Becca won (briefly)!

Friday night we went to dinner at a great local Mexican joint in honor of Becca's B'day. We had a scumptious cake when we got home and she opened the rest of her gifts from family. We gave her some diamond earrings to commererate this big day. I know.. no car! Unfortunately she doesn't have her permit yet. That's me crying... that noise you heard just then. Any how, she had a great two days and loved her gifts. Thanks Mom and Dad Kurtz and Thruston! Thanks Jen, Uncle and Auntie! Thanks Dee Dee.. we loved the cake!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look Who's 16!

My baby's all grown up... When did that happen? Rebecca Joy was born on August 28, 1992. She has been a joy ever since! She is patient, merciful, kind, gentle, has a great dry sense of humor, she's smart, athletic, a book worm, and my loving daughter. Happy Birthday Becca!

I love you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homework over Here..Whoo Whoo!

My three studious children! Don't they look like their having so much fun? Their studying math too. Even better. I love seeing them study together again. It's been years since they sat at the same table to accomplish homework. The girls have finished theirs early in the day as home-schoolers and Gabe would still have to do his late in the afternoon. Gabe is so motivated by his sisters. Ever since he was little he would say," Bec come in here and read, Girls come in here and study." So, here they are again. The threesome getting smarter everyday.
Go Homework! (A little sarcasm there.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lina's Playhouse Update # 4

Terrell, Becca and sometimes Boo haven't stopped working on the playhouse for Lina. T is determined to finish it for her and like yesterday would be good.. You see he doesn't sleep well or at all when he has projects to do. This is a big one. He finished so much this weekend that she can play in it today. It isn't done yet... just a few more things left. He painted one coat of paint so far and has more roof work to make it complete. I love it! T is so good at this. He made the older three a big ol' play structure when they were little and now this! Thank you Lord for a man who is dedicated to his kids. Makes me smile.

Sunday ... Incline, Go Carts, Tri-Tip and Cards

With all our Cali friends in this weekend, we were busy having fun. Sunday proved no different.
Gabe and Dawson tackled Incline Sunday morning before church. No, they tackled Barr Trail and Incline. Lost. That's the key word here. I sure wish they had taken the camera. No photos!
The rest of us went to a great service at church and then came home to discuss what's next.?? T worked on the playhouse and us girls took off for Mr. Biggs. The girls did go-carts and laser tag while Cynthia and I, well, do what we always I won't even tell you how bad the customer service was! We came home and made a fantastic tri-tip dinner and T's favorite dessert, Pineapple Upside Down Cake. He deserved it; he has not stopped all weekend on Lina's playhouse. Becca was at his side every moment until Sunday. The fam and friends played an old favorite card game of Up and Down the River, laughed, and ate some more! Isn't that what you do when you have friends over? Eat and eat some more. We had really cool thunderstorms every afternoon. So much packed in one weekend. Then came Monday...
Everyone left. I cried. I cleaned. I blogged.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

California comes to Colorado

This weekend has been great. One of Gabe's best friends from Cali came in for a visit. His visit was two-fold. First, he was visiting a local college to find out more info. Second, he, Gabe and T were scheduled to go to an Apologetics Youth Conference put on by Focus on the Family. It was cancelled but the speaker, Alex McFarland, and fellow Focus leaders hosted us at a dinner tonight. What a great opportunity!

Dawson is so pleasant to have in our home. He's kind, funny, respectable and he calms Gabe down... is that even possible? The boys have a tradition of making cookie dough and eating it out of the bowl. They made a big batch and took a bunch in baggies to the movies instead of candy. How genius is that? They played poker, mowed the lawn, played Wii, basketball, stayed up way too late, and the last task is to accomplish the Incline.

We have known their family a long time and are so blessed to have him here even if it is only a few days. Thank you Ken and Heily for loaning us your boy a few days. We love him!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Bet is On...update!

I have hearing problems that decide to act up at random times. I lost my hearing in my left ear today and can't quite tell why. Not sure if it is sinuses in my ears though I am breathing fine or if there is something else happening. It usually last a couple days and comes back. I lost some hearing permanently when I turned 30 or so. Genetics. Because of that I'm very cautious when this happens. I really like hearing my family speak tome. :)

All this to say, The Incline is postponed one week. Stay Tuned!

The Bet is On!

Gabe thinks I can't do, I say I can! This is the Incline hike in Manitou. You can read the description below. He laughed at me when I said we should go together. So.. I'm going in the morning with Becca. He forgets I like walking and now I'm acclimated to the elevation. Not saying it's gonna be easy but I can do this. Pray for me early early tomorrow.
By the way.. haven't a clue who that person is in the picture...
The Manitou Incline

Completed in March of 1907 the Manitou Incline was a 1 mile cable car railway built to give tourists a quick ride to a summit offering excellent views of Colorado Springs. In 1990 the Manitou Incline closed and pulled up tracks. Ever since then the route has seen a steady stream of runners, joggers, hikers, walkers, and even some crawlers. The route is short and steep, gaining nearly 2000 feet of elevation in 3/4 of a mile it is truely a Colorado workout.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday..Oh Wednesday...

My girls are so great. Really they are!
I'm playing with my camera some more. I like taking pictures of flowers..maybe a calendar? hmmm..

Playhouse..stage three! Notice Charley...Always hunting or watching the squirrels.
Some one grabbed my camera tonight, without asking I might add, and took this lovely sunset photo.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Angelina's Play House: Stage 2

Sunday afternoon met us with thunderstorms so the team (being the kids and T) worked in between the rain. It finally gave way and the serious work began.
The sides went up without a hitch.
T is giving the kids a lesson on building I think...they were constantly thinking, and rethinking... it had to be right! Deciding on which way to put the siding on was a big one. Didn't want to waste any materials. Geometry became the "word of the day". T is a walking Geometry book. I married a smart man.
Notice the husband.. still thinking in formulas, I'm sure.
Collateral damage... A hammer found Gabe's nose. Don't ask.
We (meaning I helped some) finished 2 sides of siding. Say that real fast three times. Gabe and Boo covered it to keep any rain out from last night. We hope it's done this weekend. Can't wait! Oh yes, sleep or the lack there of... T was awake thinking about this project and all the ideas left in his brain. He processes at night while we sleep. He should sleep too, I know, but this is his norm... thinking until it's right in his mind. Always the analytical. Sweet man.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Kadence

Kadence had her 2nd B'day Friday and the best part... We didn't miss it! We really love living close to the nieces and nephews. We had the pleasure of Josh and Jenna's early B'days and now we get to celebrate them with Kadence and Keaton. Sweet memories.
PS. We did feel old(er) by the time we left.... we heard a few of the friends talking about their parents... who aren't quite 50 yet! What? When did I enter the almost grandma stage?