Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sister Time

Well, I knew it. I knew it would go by way too fast. I knew we wouldn't get all the talking or visiting or sightseeing in. I knew I'd be driving to the airport as quickly as I was waiting in the kitchen for her to arrive. And sure enough, I was right.
I am so thankful we had the opportunity though to share our birthday together and catch up. The miles are long and the visits are few but when we get together again, it's like I never left.
Sister Time.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, September 24, 2010

Outside my window.... I see the sun beginning to go behind the mountain. It's a cool GORGEOUS fall day.

I am thinking... that I need some sleep. My sister and I have been running around and enjoying whatever time we have (6 days to be exact). I am also thinking that I forgot my daughter at Volleyball Practice and must run to get her! Whoops! Be back in a minute.

I am thankful for... this amazing fall weather, my visit with my sister, my husband made our anniversary plans. Go Broncos! Yep.. the plans include a Broncos game. Yeah us!

From the learning rooms.. ummm... plastic surgery isn't cheap and the roll on my back that I hate seeing in pictures or under my clothes near my B*a line are a gift from my mother. I feel good to know it's age. I feel bad to know it's age.

From the kitchen... my sister is making garlic mashers to compliment our dinner. My husband is smoking chicken. Yummy. Grapes are oh so tasty right now. Can't get enough of them.

I am wearing... Calvin Klein jeans.. my favorite jeans, my gray sweatshirt with Breathe written on it and blue flip flops. So happy to still be in flip flops!

I am creating... nothing at the moment. I don't create.

I am reading... fellow bloggers, Facebook too much, and school websites for my classes.

I am going... to eat a scrumptious meal, eat cake, watch a Prince of Persia with my family and sleep in. Thank you Ambien.

I am hoping... for a miracle amount of money. Hey, it never hurts to hope!

I am hearing... Angelina's little voice, a volleyball hitting the ground outside, my sister finishing up the potatoes and Terrell coaching Lina on her serve.

Around the house... my fall decor is out. I love rust, green, yellow, and orange in September.

A picture worth sharing..
This is baby Annabel. She is one week 9 days old already!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Camping...

Why not start with a picture of fallen Aspens? The weekend of camping, family, friends, and food are really all because of these leaves. Amanda and I wanted to see the colors of fall so a camping trip was planned. We both bought campers last year and we were out to use them.
On Saturday, the boys went back to town for Mason's football game. We adventuresome 5 went on a hike... that lasted longer than any of us planned. Amanda kept saying," I know the pavement is this way!" Eventually we found the pavement. It wouldn't have been so bad had we remembered WATER. What were we thinking?

Our fellow camper friends!

I love this picture and am so frustrated with that orange circle on it. UGH!

The sky was as blue as blue could be. Our campsite was at 8500 feet.

Here are our men enjoying the view. Of course everyone thought they were brothers. Shows you how many black men live in Monument. Ha!

Dinner, night 1. Come on soup, unthaw already.

We had a great campsite with the view of the aspens and a meadow. Mueller is a great place to camp, for sure! It is on 5000 acres of trees and paths.

Oh Keaton.. little ham. My brother and sis-in-family came up for a few hours to visit. Keaton loved the time outside playing and running a muck... and Angelina's cookies.

Even though it was mighty warm in the day, we had plenty of cold for the fire at night.

Keaton loved the dirt and his daddy's phone.

Kadence loved the great outdoors.

My niece came just to see me this weekend. She brought her parents along for the ride. :) Hi Annabel! It was great to have Rob and Joanna make the effort to drive up.... with a three day old baby.

We were headed to the Craggs or is it Kraggs? on our way home but found our way to Cripple Creek instead. I am so glad we went 'cause the colors were so much brighter here. We ate at a small mom and pop restaurant, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. The owners of this place lost their home in Katrina a few years back.

Cripple Creek is a very quaint little town other than the ching ching ching from MULTIPLE slot machines as you pass EVERY door. Ok not every door, just every other door.

One day. One day. T and I will traverse the open road with our leathers on, seeking fun places and great weather.

My mom would love this place. :)
Amanda and I planned this trip in January, made our reservations in March, went in September. We were hoping the leaves would be perfect. In Colorado, the fall can come early or late. This year, right on time. What a fun weekend! The weather was perfect too. Fellowship sweet. What more could I ask for in camping. Ahhhh....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here is Annabel!

My niece, Annabel, is here! Sweet, calm, lovely. We had a chance to see her tonight and spend a few minutes of quiet with my brother and sister-in-family. I was so sure Annabel looked like her sister but after looking at her brother in this post here on his first day, I stand corrected. She does look like her brother AND her sister. Of course that makes sense, now doesn't it? She has her own look, her own personality, her own purpose. God gave that to her many days ago, before she was born. Oh the marvel of God's handiwork!
Welcome to the Family!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Look Who's 16

Boo was born 16 years ago today. My sister, Reginia, and T were both there to witness this rolly poly, fuzzy headed, blond baby come in to the world. It was THE best delivery of all four of my kids. So now here she is, 16, in college full time, working part time at a "real" job, keeping up with her friends and doing it all with grace. Isn't it just so appropriate that is a part of her name?
Happy Birthday sweet Boo! I love you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

I read this as often as she post it and thought I'd "borrow" the idea.. so if you want to see the original go here. I thought after yesterday's downer of a post I should lighten it up a little.

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, September 10, 2010

Outside my window.... I see the leaves rustling in the breeze and a for sale sign in the ground for the lot next to us. The sky is very blue with big puffy clouds and the look of fall is upon us.

I am thinking... that today is much quieter so far than I anticipated. I think someone is praying for me. Whoever you are.. thank you. I am also contemplating how to change the next three months so I am nice. I am also realizing that this time of craziness with schedules is challenging me to stretch and learn to bend more.

I am thankful for... my ache free shoulder. It hasn't hurt in a few days and this is good, good news. I am thankful for my family and my patient husband. I am thankful school is over in 3 months.

From the learning rooms.. My classes this term are Philosophy and Senior Research. My Philosophy instructor is amazing. Actually I can only say I have had one poor instructor so far with Regis. My Research class is more consuming and stressful. But overall they are going well.

From the kitchen... my kitchen is a mess and meal planning hasn't happen in a while. That is a problem. I want to plan and plan for my family but the busyness of each day has come in the way. Gotta make some changes there.

I am wearing... gray sweat pants, purple short sleeve shirt, sock and tennies. Comfy.

I am creating... HA! Really. Me?

I am reading... my Bible, school books and articles. I also read what news I can grab off the Internet.

I am going... to go run some more errands for work, pick up Lina, pick up Boo from work, Drop Lina off at the Anthony's, Take Boo and Abby to Denver, come back and crash. I am hoping really hard not to go anywhere tomorrow!

I am hoping... for a date night this weekend. That sounds fun and well needed.

I am hearing... the printer in the back ground and wind hitting the house.

Around the house... is a mess. Chores are most definitely calling me.

A picture worth sharing... I got to spend some one on one time with little man K today! Slowed me down and boy was it nice.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Type B Person, Type A Life

Type B Person
  • Slow paced
  • Relaxed
  • Less Scheduled
  • Reads on the couch with her children with no concept of time
  • Enjoys coffee and conversation midday
  • Spends time thinking about her husband and then creatively blesses him
  • Likes a clean house without barking orders

Type A Life

  • Hits the floor running and prefers it that way
  • High Energy
  • Schedules everything
  • Reads and checks the time to keep the schedule going.
  • Guzzles coffee and cleans the house
  • Schedules time in for her husband.. in between emails and meal planning
  • Cracks the whip when necessary to keep order

I don't like being a B and living the life of an A. I'm tired. This pictures describes my mind each day. I get up and BAM.. schedules, errands, new errands present themselves, school work, emails, job emails and work, hope to plan a meal, hope to make a bed, hope to get chores done, hope to be nice in the process. I couldn't stand my shower anymore yesterday and scrubbed it. Not that there was time, mind you, with this new lifestyle I am living but you gotta do what you gotta do. I laugh when some one says, "Hey did you see so-in-so on the TV?" Really? This too shall pass, so I'm told. Come November 1, I will be one plate less. Boo will be an official driver! I know she is excited about that day. Come December 18th, when I graduate from college, I will be one plate less. I know I'm excited about that day! So that's 2 plates. I can do this. I know I can. I keep clinging to the words of Jesus and hoping Martha goes away soon and I find my Mary again. I also keep hopin' my kids like me when they leave home. :) Not sure I like me right now. Bark. Bark.

Ok.. Time to go spin some more plates. Smile. That's right.

Could you teach this many kids? [Picture]

Could you teach this many kids? [Picture]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gotta Get Away!

I just had to get away this weekend. We have gone none stop for three plus weeks and for me a day trip away from the house and all the responsibility goes a long way. I didn't want to think about my research project. I didn't want to think about lesson planning for Lina. I didn't want to think about my job and the newsletter waiting at home for me to put together. I didn't want to think. Period. So away we went Monday to a little town off I-70 called Georgetown. We walked and browsed. We got back in the car and went down through some winding roads. We stopped for coffee. What's a trip without Starbuck's? And finally we stopped in Boulder to eat dinner. A day just like I needed. Away.

Look at that spot. There was something on my lens! Ahh!
Lina and I held our breath through each of the 5 tunnels on our way home. We did great. Of course the tunnels aren't so very long, so that helped!

FIRE!! Yep. We wondered if we were gonna be detoured due to this fire. We made it up and back with no problem. I even got a text AFTER we got home from someone in Cali asking if we were okay. Boy, news travels fast!

Balloon Glo

Labor Day weekend fun with (some of) family! We hurried after dinner to get down here to watch the balloons light up. It was worth it.. once.. to come, fight the crowds, and see big ol' balloons all lit up. Yep. Once.

Monday, September 6, 2010

How Many Cans of Peaches Can I Can?

Just about 20.

The Western Slope of Colorado is where we get some of our fruit and the Palisade area is known for its peaches. Last year a friend brought me some to can but this year I wanted MORE. and MORE happen to arrive the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. Well, what's a woman to do when ripe fruit is brought? Can and Can them fast. Oh how ap.pra.po that it was Labor Day! I had my fair challenges with one pot too few ( it's in the closed up camper), trying to go to a friend's house and dragging some unprocessed cans there to boil, a kitchen that has NO counter space to work, and peaches getting smushy. It was very fun seeing our hard, messy, work pay off and hear each can "pop" letting me know it's finished. We also had Becca on Skype from Missouri for some of it so she could share the morning with us too. I could not have finished this without Boo helping me peel and transfer peaches from one bowl to another. We had our system down and Wa LAA! We have great cans of peaches for Winter 2010-2011. Just call me Ma Ingalls.

Where's my bonnet?