Thursday, September 9, 2010

Type B Person, Type A Life

Type B Person
  • Slow paced
  • Relaxed
  • Less Scheduled
  • Reads on the couch with her children with no concept of time
  • Enjoys coffee and conversation midday
  • Spends time thinking about her husband and then creatively blesses him
  • Likes a clean house without barking orders

Type A Life

  • Hits the floor running and prefers it that way
  • High Energy
  • Schedules everything
  • Reads and checks the time to keep the schedule going.
  • Guzzles coffee and cleans the house
  • Schedules time in for her husband.. in between emails and meal planning
  • Cracks the whip when necessary to keep order

I don't like being a B and living the life of an A. I'm tired. This pictures describes my mind each day. I get up and BAM.. schedules, errands, new errands present themselves, school work, emails, job emails and work, hope to plan a meal, hope to make a bed, hope to get chores done, hope to be nice in the process. I couldn't stand my shower anymore yesterday and scrubbed it. Not that there was time, mind you, with this new lifestyle I am living but you gotta do what you gotta do. I laugh when some one says, "Hey did you see so-in-so on the TV?" Really? This too shall pass, so I'm told. Come November 1, I will be one plate less. Boo will be an official driver! I know she is excited about that day. Come December 18th, when I graduate from college, I will be one plate less. I know I'm excited about that day! So that's 2 plates. I can do this. I know I can. I keep clinging to the words of Jesus and hoping Martha goes away soon and I find my Mary again. I also keep hopin' my kids like me when they leave home. :) Not sure I like me right now. Bark. Bark.

Ok.. Time to go spin some more plates. Smile. That's right.

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teters4 said...

I think I'm somewhere between Type A and B. I too don't like a constant schedule with no down time. I think that has to do with being an introvert too....I refresh with down time and quiet to reflect. I have learned as well to look ahead and if I see an end in sight to some of the craziness I just "pull up my big girl panties" (got that from Kim and keep going! Can't wait to see you...we will have to schedule some Type B time when I'm there! :)