Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Camping...

Why not start with a picture of fallen Aspens? The weekend of camping, family, friends, and food are really all because of these leaves. Amanda and I wanted to see the colors of fall so a camping trip was planned. We both bought campers last year and we were out to use them.
On Saturday, the boys went back to town for Mason's football game. We adventuresome 5 went on a hike... that lasted longer than any of us planned. Amanda kept saying," I know the pavement is this way!" Eventually we found the pavement. It wouldn't have been so bad had we remembered WATER. What were we thinking?

Our fellow camper friends!

I love this picture and am so frustrated with that orange circle on it. UGH!

The sky was as blue as blue could be. Our campsite was at 8500 feet.

Here are our men enjoying the view. Of course everyone thought they were brothers. Shows you how many black men live in Monument. Ha!

Dinner, night 1. Come on soup, unthaw already.

We had a great campsite with the view of the aspens and a meadow. Mueller is a great place to camp, for sure! It is on 5000 acres of trees and paths.

Oh Keaton.. little ham. My brother and sis-in-family came up for a few hours to visit. Keaton loved the time outside playing and running a muck... and Angelina's cookies.

Even though it was mighty warm in the day, we had plenty of cold for the fire at night.

Keaton loved the dirt and his daddy's phone.

Kadence loved the great outdoors.

My niece came just to see me this weekend. She brought her parents along for the ride. :) Hi Annabel! It was great to have Rob and Joanna make the effort to drive up.... with a three day old baby.

We were headed to the Craggs or is it Kraggs? on our way home but found our way to Cripple Creek instead. I am so glad we went 'cause the colors were so much brighter here. We ate at a small mom and pop restaurant, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. The owners of this place lost their home in Katrina a few years back.

Cripple Creek is a very quaint little town other than the ching ching ching from MULTIPLE slot machines as you pass EVERY door. Ok not every door, just every other door.

One day. One day. T and I will traverse the open road with our leathers on, seeking fun places and great weather.

My mom would love this place. :)
Amanda and I planned this trip in January, made our reservations in March, went in September. We were hoping the leaves would be perfect. In Colorado, the fall can come early or late. This year, right on time. What a fun weekend! The weather was perfect too. Fellowship sweet. What more could I ask for in camping. Ahhhh....


blessedmomto8 said...

WOW! that looked like so much FUN! LOVE that you may be considering getting a bike one day! WOW that your neice drove to visit with that tiny baby-so cool! HUGS!

klinsfamom said...

Gorgeous pix!