Monday, September 6, 2010

How Many Cans of Peaches Can I Can?

Just about 20.

The Western Slope of Colorado is where we get some of our fruit and the Palisade area is known for its peaches. Last year a friend brought me some to can but this year I wanted MORE. and MORE happen to arrive the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. Well, what's a woman to do when ripe fruit is brought? Can and Can them fast. Oh how ap.pra.po that it was Labor Day! I had my fair challenges with one pot too few ( it's in the closed up camper), trying to go to a friend's house and dragging some unprocessed cans there to boil, a kitchen that has NO counter space to work, and peaches getting smushy. It was very fun seeing our hard, messy, work pay off and hear each can "pop" letting me know it's finished. We also had Becca on Skype from Missouri for some of it so she could share the morning with us too. I could not have finished this without Boo helping me peel and transfer peaches from one bowl to another. We had our system down and Wa LAA! We have great cans of peaches for Winter 2010-2011. Just call me Ma Ingalls.

Where's my bonnet?

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