Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 17th Becca!

Notice any changes? Yep she's older and her hair is shorter. Cute, huh?
Becca celebrated her 17th B'day this weekend with a houseful of teenagers. We were so excited to have so many here to wish her a big Happy Birthday! They played some games, ate food, and talked. Just what teenagers do, don't you think?
Oh one more thing.. she is now an official owner of a Bull Whip! Isn't that what every 17 year old gets for her birthday??

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, She's a Messy One!

You are either a clean cook or a messy one. Me..! I usually move things around all over the kitchen til I'm done then the clean up begins. This job took two of us. Boo loaded the dishwasher, I did the hand washing. My kitchen is quite cozy, you can say, so it leads to some interesting logistics on my part. But we did it. Sixteen cans and two freezer bags later.. peaches are looking good.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Peachy

Oh yes... 50 lbs of peachy sitting there. So very eXcItEd!!!! Tonight, peach cobbler. Tomorrow, fresh peaches and well, anything! I'm gonna freeze a bunch of cobbler mix for the long winter as Ma Ingalls would do. Oh so so so HAPPPY! Thank you dear friend of mine for making the trip to the Western Slope.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Survived!

Finito. Finished. Done. No more. My College Algebra class is done. This class kicked my bootee. I had one more math class for my degree and I chose to take it online. BIG MISTAKE!!! My friend Danny helped tutor me through the rough spots and I am happy to say it is over. I cried and asked T to take me out of the house for awhile. We went over to Palmer Lake, backed in the truck and sat on the tailgate. The breeze was blowing and the yappy dogs were barking. :) I grabbed my camera and we walked over to the other side to enjoy the view. Taking pictures is relaxing to me. I came home far more relaxed and ready to jump into my next two classes tomorrow.


Isn't this nice? I just love it! This year I helped homeschool a friend's daughter. She worked so hard to catch up and move ahead. I'm really really proud of her. Well, yesterday she brought me this adorable gift basket with my fav-or-ite saying for life on it! It even has mugs in the basket that match our new paint colors. How cool is that?! So very thoughtful!

Lunchtime Concert in the Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs

Antlers Hilton Courtyard

T enjoying the sound of jazz.

Dotsero jazz . The concert was during lunch and the weather couldn't be more perfect. We really love smooth jazz and miss the concerts we went to in Cali. This was a great way to enjoy a lunchtime break together.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Off We Go to CSU Fort Collins

The car is packed and we are off... how much can one take to college?
After arriving and watching all the buzz, Gabe went to register and get his new keys.
This is the fine are of grooming. Aka: vanity for the room.
Gabe's room is the bottom left hand corner. He just told me it was so loud this morning! It's on a busy street and I'm thinking maybe he won't need an alarm clock after all.

The pack of unpackers ready for work!
Still unpacking...

Can you tell he's excited! It was a great day.

We went out to dinner before we drove off and said our goodbyes. Fort Collins is a beautiful town. Green, clean and has a really great college feel. There are bikes galore!
After evaluating the "quaintness" of the room, we decided to rent Gabe a loft bed. T and Gabe put it together and then I had the pleasure of making his bed. :)

When Gabe was around 13, we bought him a nice stereo knowing the day would come when he would go off to college and take it with him. This is the day. Terrell helped him put up the speakers and Gabe was able to do the rest.

Gabe has a great roommate. Drew is from Colorado as well and I think the fit is going to be a good one.
So much stuff!!!

Lina was taking int he day thinking about her own future years at college. We were talking about it in the truck and she told me it's too far off to talk about right now. If she only knew!

Closet space is a premium. Laundry basket went home; didn't make the cut!
Here is the way far away view of the dorm. The campus is so nice. We left last night with excitement in our hearts. Gabe is ready for college though not hearing his laugh or funny antics will be greatly missed. We're so proud of him and pray for God's blessing over him while he's at CSU.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Ready to Leave...

Two days and counting 'til Gabe is off to the university. He's been going through his stuff and it looks like a tornado struck our basement. He has his New and his Old. New.. bedding, towels, laptop, dorm supplies. Old... pillow, pictures, movies, xbox, and his music. He has been busy this week saying his goodbyes, eating out, running a muck with friends, and well, running a muck. Tomorrow he promised me lemon bars. Tomorrow is one day and counting. I'll probably need those lemon bars then. Comfort food ya know.

Angelina's 1st day of 5th Grade

Where did the time go? Here she is ready for 5th grade. She has a great teacher this year and so many fun subjects; music, pe, band, Spanish, computers, and of course all the core classes too.

Here we go...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Charley Girl has her moments of patience. This is one way we like to practice. It was so cute to watch her wait until Rebecca said "okay". She doesn't always wait like a good little puppy. But this day, she did pretty good!

Becca's First Day of School

Today was Becca's first day at the junior college and her senior year! Went great! So now it begins...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boo's 1st Day of 10th Grade

Its official... summer is over and the new school year has begun. Boo went off to school this morning bright and early. I know you're thinking,"But wait.. she's homeschooled!" Yep, Colorado is a homeschool freindly state and she is taking three core (difficult) classes at the local high school and the rest here at home. It's a perfect match. She got her favorite teachers too. Yeah! So here year looks like this: Alg 2/Trig, Honors English, Spanish 3; public high school. Home Economics, PE, 20th Century World History, and possibly Chemisty and Bible Apologetics; home. Stayed tuned ... we have more kiddos starting next week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Expecting!

Lots of change that is... Nope, no more babies though I'm sure you thought that's what it was!
We are counting down the days (9 to be exact) until we drive Gabe to his new home... College. Crazy how you give birth and then you blink and they're off and running to the university. I have loved every minute of it and wished for more kiddos many times. My children have been a joy and pleasure for me and T. Now it's time to watch our firstborn do what we did. fly. grow. change. move. All the stages that life holds.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bunco Babes

Bunco is a great way to laugh, mingle, and have a little friendly competition amongst friends. Last night was no exception. Cami asked a bunch of us over to have a teenage daughter/mom Bunco night. I was not only excited to play Bunco again but very excited about time out with my girls and other fun families ALL IN THE SAME ROOM. Whoo Hoo!
Ok, a time of reflection... we've been here almost two years now. We love it here, really love it and call it home. A lot of you have heard my moving philosophy; it takes two years to settle in and by year three you feel like you belong. Well, we're approaching the two year mark this fall. The kids have some solid friendships. They are active and settled in their youth group, growing in their walk with the Lord, content, and enjoying life. Terrell and I don't let a day go by that we don't say, "I love it here. This is where we belong." We love our church family. Belonging to a body of Christ that is moving in the same direction and seeing God do a work is so refreshing. The heartbeat of the church is in rhythm; we feel it every Sunday. An expectation is in the air, calling us; we are all ready, waiting, looking, expecting. You know we prayed and prayed for a number of years about moving from California. It was not an easy decision but a God directed dream. It takes time and a great amount of energy to reinvest your EN-TIRE life story into other people. It takes time to be vulnerable and show your true colors in hopes that the people you now call friends don't run the other way. It isn't easy. Sometimes it's down right exhausting. I know some don't even think about moving for that very reason. Why change what's not broken? That's valid but I am here to say I am glad we did. We followed a dream that was planted in our hearts years ago. Not by us but by God. I would dream at night about Terrell and I searching for a place in the hills; driving and driving, looking for something we knew were to find. It wasn't just a one time dream, it would happen over and over again through the years. So here we are.. almost two years later. Oh, I'm so glad we made the move. So glad we took God up on His dream for us. Is it over? By no means. New dreams are planted today. As long as our hands are open and our ears listening to His voice, God is going to continue to place more before us; to challenge us, shape us, excite us, make us more like Him. All us this from Bunco. Who would have thought?