Friday, August 21, 2009

Off We Go to CSU Fort Collins

The car is packed and we are off... how much can one take to college?
After arriving and watching all the buzz, Gabe went to register and get his new keys.
This is the fine are of grooming. Aka: vanity for the room.
Gabe's room is the bottom left hand corner. He just told me it was so loud this morning! It's on a busy street and I'm thinking maybe he won't need an alarm clock after all.

The pack of unpackers ready for work!
Still unpacking...

Can you tell he's excited! It was a great day.

We went out to dinner before we drove off and said our goodbyes. Fort Collins is a beautiful town. Green, clean and has a really great college feel. There are bikes galore!
After evaluating the "quaintness" of the room, we decided to rent Gabe a loft bed. T and Gabe put it together and then I had the pleasure of making his bed. :)

When Gabe was around 13, we bought him a nice stereo knowing the day would come when he would go off to college and take it with him. This is the day. Terrell helped him put up the speakers and Gabe was able to do the rest.

Gabe has a great roommate. Drew is from Colorado as well and I think the fit is going to be a good one.
So much stuff!!!

Lina was taking int he day thinking about her own future years at college. We were talking about it in the truck and she told me it's too far off to talk about right now. If she only knew!

Closet space is a premium. Laundry basket went home; didn't make the cut!
Here is the way far away view of the dorm. The campus is so nice. We left last night with excitement in our hearts. Gabe is ready for college though not hearing his laugh or funny antics will be greatly missed. We're so proud of him and pray for God's blessing over him while he's at CSU.


Reg said...

I am finally getting around to looking at your blog. His room and roommate look fun...reminds me of us living in the apartment with Kimmie! So many laughs. Nice pictures journal of it all.

Reg said...

P.S. Love Lina's bangs! Are they new?

blessedmomto7 said...

LOVE HUHOT! And his room looks tiny but very nice. Looks like you all did a FAB job getting your boy moved into his "big boy" place! Hope mom is doing well. I'm sure you are all missing him like crazy!