Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boo's 1st Day of 10th Grade

Its official... summer is over and the new school year has begun. Boo went off to school this morning bright and early. I know you're thinking,"But wait.. she's homeschooled!" Yep, Colorado is a homeschool freindly state and she is taking three core (difficult) classes at the local high school and the rest here at home. It's a perfect match. She got her favorite teachers too. Yeah! So here year looks like this: Alg 2/Trig, Honors English, Spanish 3; public high school. Home Economics, PE, 20th Century World History, and possibly Chemisty and Bible Apologetics; home. Stayed tuned ... we have more kiddos starting next week!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

10th Grade!!
Remember that picture of me holding her on the counter on cortland, I think thats where you lived then, after her dedication.
She was A LITTLE baby! I pray a great day for her. Gabriel, can't believe he's off to college. God has great things in store.
Auntie Kim

Auntie Gina said...

Even though you are in the 10th grade I'm glad we still get to call you Boo! You are so beautiful...inside and out!

blessedmomto7 said...

FUN TIMES! What a perfect combination! Wish kansas was that friendly :)