Sunday, November 30, 2008

12 inches and Counting....Snow!

It's a Winter Wonderland!

My little snow bunny. Can't keep her inside.
Big beefy tires.. Arrr ar ar arr!

I love this tree!

Backyard shot from side yard.

Back porch.
This is our firewood pile.

We shoveled this once already. Terrell will plow this by morning..

Grandma and Grandpa's truck.

This tree is on the side of the house.

View from the garage.
Ok all for now! Happy Sunday!

The Broadmoor Christmas, Lighting of the Lights

Tonight we started another family tradition for Christmas. You know me and tradition. The Broadmoor is a very fine 5 star resort in the Springs. They do a ceremony called Lighting of the Lights each year. The American Cancer Society is the main sponsor for the night.We just had to go. It was beautiful. The grounds are amazing and the interior of each wing was finely decorated.

This is an ice sculpture. Wow! Oh yes, And happy Holydays to you!

This is a view from across the lake. I was standing on the bridge at the time. I really must stay here sometime.

Inside the East Wing was this Gingerbread City. It was really lovely. Check out the architecture on the ceiling and the walls.

The girls are becoming experts at self portraits. They were saving the bench for Grandma here.

Boo is especially fond of self-portraits. Too much like her mother!

Before the Lighting of the Trees we escaped to this coffee house in the West Wing for some hot Co Co. mmm.

And Ta Da! The big center Christmas tree is lit! There were lights that went on all over the resort. It was so pretty. Now it was time to go home and eat. Another family Colorado Christmas tradition has begun.
PS. Yes, I am up at 5 am, actually around 4 is when I REALLY woke up. My tummy isn't feeling so hot. Well, when I walked downstairs it looked awfully bright outside. It snowed a lot during the night and the refection was shining in the house. A God-made night light. We are really hopeful for a white Christmas this year. :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Snowy Sort of Saturday

So I can't decide if I like summer or winter in Colorado better. The snow is so amazing. Everything is crisp and white. The girls went out to shovel and sled this morning. Good clean fun! Love it.

Now this is another story. Collateral damage. T and I left to pick up Lina at her friend's house before heading to the gym this morning. I told him I slid down the driveway a couple days ago. Uh, huh. He did too. BUT.. he ran over the Christmas lights and this driveway light. Another thing for his list. :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is part two of this post... I know I'm confusing you... go down first to the bottom of the page. You'll see part one. :)

Terrell had some champagne on hand to celebrate Bert and Charmaine's 51st anniversary. Well.. it exploded like a fountain. We only had 1/ 3 left and a big mess to clean up!

Terrell's cool stick thiny.

Part 1:

Our Thanksgiving is going beautifully. I have to say I was a little anxious about getting it all done before Grandma and Grandpa showed up. Well, we did it! We started off our day in the Word and prayer; always makes a difference doesn't it? The turkey looks great, the rest of the meal is ready and my kitchen is still clean. That NEVER happens. I am one messy cook. Terrell and the girls worked more on lights and the Nativity scene. It's really coming together. Terrell made this contraption to hang lights on the big pine out front. So fun! It's cold and looking mighty wintry outside... aaah.
May you all be blessed with the Lord's peace and joy on this Thanksgiving Day.
ps. check back later for the lights... we may try them out tonight.
Okay here they are. We are gonna tweak them some more this week. ANNND... It is now snowing outside. Brrr!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Denver Airport ... the Journey Begins

Cousins.. best buds... almost brothers.

Proud Auntie and Uncle. I'm thinking Josh is looking like a Kurtz...

Look at those smiles.

We drove to Denver to take our dear boy to the airport for his trip to Fresburg. Josh was able to get in earlier than expected from Missouri and we spent time visiting him. What a blessing! We don't know when we will see Josh again since he is off to Japan with the Marines in a few short weeks. Gabe and Josh are great friends. Between texting, phone calls, and visits they have managed to stay in touch. There is something to be said about growing up those early years with your cousins. So off they go... Doodie Dot and Booty Head are in the air as I type this and we miss Gabe already. But. We are also so happy for him. Cousin time.

This is for you Sean...

I am so lame! I meant to post this days ago. I had a GREAT thing happen Saturday! Cynthia came into town for Sean's game and I got a day with my dear friend. Of course the reason this post is for Sean is that I did not take one photo of the two of us. We were too busy talking to get pictures! We ate, talked, shopped, watched Sean's game, and talked and ate again. So fun. I reallly needed a friend fix! Now the game. You should have seen Sean out there. He defended puck after puck. What a great goalie! I think one day we will see NHL by his name. I do so wish the Lawrences would move here. I keep asking. I also keep asking about another dear family too but so far I'm still here waiting. You know who you are...
Can't wait for another game to come to town.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill

As a part of our family time together we decided to take the kids to dinner. We went to this loud, fun bar and grill in the Springs. The kids couldn't wait to play poker. No not REAL poker, TV poker. They bring you these thingies to your table and you play against other players in the restaurant. Of course not knowing how to play made us crack up.
PS. For my Roseville friends... Boo is a the distribution center today for Operation Christmas Child.
PPS. The lights are almost done! :) We may get them done before it snows again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Time...

My sweet man has the week off and we are trying to plan yet not plan. Does that even make since? We didn't take a serious vacation with the kids this year and honestly haven't done hardly anything except for our time away in May. This year has been so busy moving in, settling in, and investing in our children's lives so their transition isn't so tough that we were in need of this week to just crash! And crashing is what we are doing. Sleeping in, eating yummy food, watching movies, and doing Christmas lights. We have done a little work mind you.. Becca's job requires two early mornings, T had to work some too, and of course HOMEWORK! But sleeping in... oh that felt great today. Gabe leaves tomorrow for Fresno and T's parents come in for a few days, so my job as Director of Homemaking will continue despite the vacation. Yes, the turkey is already unthawing. Despite this all... it's so nice to be on break with the kids. You never know when the days of being all together will end. I'm taking advantage of it while I can.