Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bread in the Making

I am trying to turn this into the picture of bread on top. I make rolls all the time, very well I must say. BUT with the cost of food escalating, I am attempting to save money on bread. I am making a single recipe, putting it on the dough cycle, separating it into two loaves to make it light and airy, and bake 'em up! I'll let you know how it comes out. This could save us at least 50.00 dollars a month. You should see our food budget! Now if I only had a cow...hmmmm.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live Simply

This is my life's motto. I have desired to simplify my life since 1997. Ten years. The book that the Lord used to challenge me, slow me down, make me think, and create this journey is A Place Called Simplicity. It's been slow. There are times I do well. Other times I create way to much chaos for even my own good. My sweet Sister (in law) gave this sign to me as a gift. What a blessing!
So... do you have a life motto, scripture, something God uses just for you? If so what is it? If not...I'll let you borrow mine.
Thanks for listening,

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Weekend in Pictures

Friday: Date night!

Elizabeth had a sleepover...notice the snow! Crazy weather Saturday!
Gabe tried to mow but the mower didn't cooperate today. He read instead and tried to catch some rays.

Sunday was marvelous. So yard work it is..... Ahhh it is glorious to be outside in the sun. Gabe is on the roof after helping Terrell fix the fire stack so the woodpecker stays out. Please stay out!

And church.. yes, we love our church. God is doing great things in our hearts. May it continue...

A gentleman from Compassion spoke today. He attends our church and shared some great insights. The Lord is Good!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Lord's Prayer


Soccer this year has been a blast for all of us. Watching Becca grow in the sport is great. She is a defender for the team and does a great job. Their team has only lost one game this season.
We love her coach too.
The girls are well disciplined even to the point of standing the whole game. We have seen no other team do this. Can you tell I'm proud? She truly has found another side of her talents in competition, though she so misses riding right now. So far we have yet to find a ranch for her to ride at in town. We keep praying and searching.

This photo here is Josh and Gabe watching the game..It's a little blurry
'cause they were so far from me. My zoom isn't real great.

Go Becca!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Silly Girls!

The girls made cookies last night and had a fun being silly.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sisters, sisters....

My, my, my how times flies....

This is for you Reg!

If you move here we can take a lot more photos together....

We definitely look 40ish... wow!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family, Family, Family!

My mom and dad brought my uncle and aunt in from Ky with them on their road trip. I am so excited to have them here. The visit was short but oh so wonderful! We had some great laughs and some good food. Mom made homemade meatloaf and banana pudding, Aunt Pat made green beans the southern way, Joanna made homemade applesauce, and I made horrid mashed potatoes and delicious Chocolate pies! My Uncle Walty and Aunt Pat had land when I was young and many of my early memories are on their farm... climbing trees, being chased by hornets and chickens, trying to convince their cow NOT to eat, fishing at the pond, and eating scrumptious food. Oh yes, I can't forget the hot summer nights and no a/c. It was on their front porch I fell in love with swings and the jingle jingle of the chain. So off they all went back to Kentucky this morning after a big breakfast and coffee.

Joanna got a huge box from another auntie.. great baby boy clothes.

Aren't we cute! Hi all!
My mom and dad... I love them!
All the kids got back from skiing for the last time this season. It was great to take Josh with us.
They came back and we sat down to eat with all the relatives. A busy day!!!

Check out my pies... I love CHOCOLATE!!!

Kadence got a cute caterpillar from Mom and Dad. It sings and rocks.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19th.. A BIG DAY!

Today is Lina's 9th Birthday. She had two soccer games today. She did great! These amazing B'day cakes were made by a new friend who has her very own cake business. Aren't they cute?!

Gabe went to the prom tonight too. He looked sooo good in his tux with his charming date Laura. (They share a B'day!)

We also have my nephew in from California for a visit. Josh leaves for the Marines bootcamp next month. It is great to have him here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17th ...SNOW DAY!!!!

My three snow Angels! The sun came out so they ran out to play in the snow. I can not even tell you how breath taking it is! I sure wish I had karen's camera right now.

This is the meadow behind our home.The girls are sledding down the hill.
View from Driveway.
This is the view looking back at the house.

Terrell went to Costco last night.. you can't truly see the ice on his truck. It was cool but made a mess of the garage!

I woke up early this morning due to a condition that's buggin' the life out of me. I wake up to throbbing numb hands. Well, since I'm up I might as well take some pictures of this gorgeous snow and post them here. It is still drizzling snow outside. It is just beautiful. The sun has not fully come up yet, like I said I was up early, so I'll post some more when it does. For all of you out there who can't imagine this.. I couldn't either. April 17th...two days before Lina's B'day and it snowed! Wow! I know we're gonna take some time to play in it this morning. Can't pass a day like this up!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Spank or Not to Spank?

I know not everyone is on board with spanking but to legislate it? Is there anything California won't do? I lived there, LOVE it still, but for goodness sakes.. I am not by any means against protecting children, I advocate protecting them. I love children dearly.... Some things just can't be legislated. (My humble opinion of course)

***** ***** ***** *****
Bill: AB 2943 - Spanking Prohibition
Author: Assembly Member Sally Lieber
Position: Strongly Opposed
Status: Passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee yesterday (April 15).
Assigned to Assembly Appropriations Committee (hearing date to be set).
***** ***** ***** *****
AB 2943 is identical to the final version of Lieber's AB 755, which was defeated in January. AB 2943 would have the practical effect of making criminals out of loving parents who spank with an implement (i.e. inanimate object, such as a small paddle or ruler) in California. The result could be jail time for parents and temporary or permanent loss of their children.
Before AB 2943 (Lieber - D) can become law, it will have to get majority votes by the:
(1) Assembly Appropriations Committee
(2) Assembly Floor Vote (entire Assembly)
(3) Senate Policy Committee(s)
(4) Senate Appropriations Committee
(5) Senate Floor Vote (entire Senate)
(6) Governor signs the bill

We will continue to do everything we can to stop this bill at each step of the way. We are already implementing additional strategies for this next committee hearing. Let us continue to pray and do our part.

We will let you know when the next appropriate time is for more phone calls and let you know who the committee members are before the next hearing. Letters to your own Assembly Member continue to be appropriate. (You can find your Assembly Member's Capitol address and fax number by entering your 9-digit ZIP code in HSLDA's Legislative Tool Box at , or by calling the office in your county that handles voter registration.)

Read our Alert and background paper on AB 2943, which are posted at .

Elizabeth's 1st Track Meet

Yesterday was a very full day of sports. Becca had a soccer game, Lina had soccer practice, and Boo had her 1st meet.

She participated in the diskus (sp?) and two relays. It was great! She did awesome and I know she will develop into a great runner.
Elizabeth has always had a lot of stamina. If you look closely the air is yucky near this meet. The fire at Ft. Carson was not contained and the winds were whipping yesterday.
Go Boo!

Terrell walked here from work. The site is just over the hill. He volunteered to help measure for the Diskus (sp?)