Monday, May 28, 2012

Elizabeth's Graduation

Boo is finished, done, fi-ni-to. She has completed 12 years of school and might I add, 2 years of college in that time. Talk about an accomplishment! We are so thrilled this moment has arrived for her and love watching her grow and change through each step along the way. It seems like yesterday I was helping her learn to read and write her name and now in just a few short years she will be helping other children do the same. So what's next for this baby girl of mine?  Oh a new adventure! That's what this family is all about, adventure. She is off to finish her Education degree far.... far....far... away. It's time for one more baby chick to fly away and do her own thing. We are so proud of Elizabeth and can't wait to see God complete all HE has begun in her life. Congratulations Boo!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Field Trip and Freakin' Out

Today the 5th grade classes went on our last field trip of the year. I SOOOO want to post pictures of my adorable students but in order to protect their privacy, you get good ol' landscape instead. Just imagine 88 children running around me while I took these awesome shots! Yes, 88 fifth graders and umpteen chaperones. So that's were the freakin' out comes in. We traveled first to a great xeroscape garden for our educational time and then to Garden of the Gods for lunch and a fun hike. Only problem for me is that I don't know how eighty-eight 5th graders are going to behave for a 2 mile hike! Red Rocks screaming, " CLIMB ME! CLIMB ME!" Children saying, "Take my picture here!" as they climb the largest rock they can find. Pebbly paths waiting for a child to land just so. Another child pausing along the hike pulling our her inhaler. And who knows what else I couldn't see! Oh man! I was anxious until we got back to the cars. If it were my own kids, no issues, no worries, but someone else's child is a WHOLE new story. It was a great day... and no injuries. Thank ya Jesus! All's well that ends well.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I made a statement to all my kids.

No cards on Mother's Day. Don't get me one. No pressure ever. If you want to get me a card, get it some random time when you ARE thinking of me, not BECAUSE it's a holiday.

So we have a new tradition... where ever they are, they write on their hands, "We Love You Mom".
This is great for a couple reasons:
1. I know they are alive and well.
2. I know they love me.
3. I see them.

It's perfect.