Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Field Trip and Freakin' Out

Today the 5th grade classes went on our last field trip of the year. I SOOOO want to post pictures of my adorable students but in order to protect their privacy, you get good ol' landscape instead. Just imagine 88 children running around me while I took these awesome shots! Yes, 88 fifth graders and umpteen chaperones. So that's were the freakin' out comes in. We traveled first to a great xeroscape garden for our educational time and then to Garden of the Gods for lunch and a fun hike. Only problem for me is that I don't know how eighty-eight 5th graders are going to behave for a 2 mile hike! Red Rocks screaming, " CLIMB ME! CLIMB ME!" Children saying, "Take my picture here!" as they climb the largest rock they can find. Pebbly paths waiting for a child to land just so. Another child pausing along the hike pulling our her inhaler. And who knows what else I couldn't see! Oh man! I was anxious until we got back to the cars. If it were my own kids, no issues, no worries, but someone else's child is a WHOLE new story. It was a great day... and no injuries. Thank ya Jesus! All's well that ends well.

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