Thursday, May 21, 2015


He's still at it. His shirt says it all! Our carpet install is next week so the final push is on: baseboards, window casing, trim work, wood floor, final painting and caulking.  We are our own HGTV show right now just without the cameras or commentary. The girls and I help out where we can but the heavy lifting... it's all him. My Superman.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How About Some Privacy?

Doors will do it!

Painting 101

Before one paints a lovely wall color, one must prime the wall. This one does the night before they board a plane for an island. At least that's what we do.
And once one returns from am amazing getaway and has dark brown cocoa skin, they immediately depart the plane and pick up the paint brush promptly to begin again. At least that's what we do.
Painting is a chore but must be done. It's the foundation on the canvas. When it is done, you breathe a sigh of fresh air.. literally and call it a day, or two, or three.
I swore that when we painted our last home of 3500 square feet, I was done. Never again. Lesson learned. Never say never.

Bathroom Smathroom

Bathrooms. I love bathrooms. Have ever since I was a child. Whenever we went somewhere like a restaurant or fancy hotel with my parents, this little blonde-headed girl with long pigtails swinging side to side, would go to the bathroom to see if it was clean, how they decorated, and did it meet my expectations. In model homes I would  go straight to the master bath to see how it was are laid out. Seriously, I even drew one out on paper for a home in my "someday" file. Sometimes in life though you're given a predetermined space and you try to make it awesome. I've enjoyed this bathroom design challenge but had a few hiccups that felt more like pneumonia along the way. The pipes and walls HAD to be laid out a certain way unless we jackhammered to start all over. Not happening, sooo we had to find a way to make it work. I searched online for cabinets that didn't cost a fortune. ( Have you looked at how much bathroom cabinets are lately?)  T had the idea of looking on Craigslist for one that would fit the space. Great! I like the idea of repurposing so this is a win/win.

We scored this one for a few dollars and Boo went to work chalk painting it for me before she left for California.


Then there was getting it INTO the bathroom.

And getting it level. T is giving instructions on leveling this bad boy. You can tell Hollywood is so enthused.

Tile. Also quite the expense. Who knew!  Looking for a career? Try tile laying. This one seems to be making bank. I choked just a little on the estimate. I knew what I wanted going into the project.  I had color schemes in my mind and now to just find what works for this picture embedded in my brain. We wavered on the size of the tile a couple times and looked at three or four accent tile choices but over all I had this vision in my mind. It's slowly happening. We did make a few concessions along the way but I think when it's done, I'll be pleased.


Next step is to seal the counters and the shower.  Lots of little details in here from baseboards to cabinet touch up to d├ęcor. We are so close to completion!! Can. Not. Wait.

Tape and Texture

Short, sweet, and to the point. We have finished walls. I will say, the craftsman who completed this was VERY complementary of T's sheetrock work and he even brought us muffins to eat. We've had some great subs!  

And Then There was more Sheetrock

I am just gonna say it. This man is amazing. He has taken a blank slate and made it into a place we can enjoy. I love that he is able to accomplish this for our family. The hours have been long and the work relentless but he has done it and done it well.

 The door to the basement that kept the house separated is now gone. When he did this, little did we realize just how much dust was still flying around. Let's just say my dust rag and vacuum isn't cutting it anymore.

Next step: bullnose corners.

Mom and Dad came for a visit over Easter weekend and Dad was able to put on his tool belt and help out. It has been fun to have extra hands helping out along the way.


Sheet rock, sheet rock, sheet rock. Seriously, this was one of the biggest parts of the job if not the biggest. It took a long time to accomplish but here we are... next step, tape and texture.