Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And Then There was more Sheetrock

I am just gonna say it. This man is amazing. He has taken a blank slate and made it into a place we can enjoy. I love that he is able to accomplish this for our family. The hours have been long and the work relentless but he has done it and done it well.

 The door to the basement that kept the house separated is now gone. When he did this, little did we realize just how much dust was still flying around. Let's just say my dust rag and vacuum isn't cutting it anymore.

Next step: bullnose corners.

Mom and Dad came for a visit over Easter weekend and Dad was able to put on his tool belt and help out. It has been fun to have extra hands helping out along the way.


Sheet rock, sheet rock, sheet rock. Seriously, this was one of the biggest parts of the job if not the biggest. It took a long time to accomplish but here we are... next step, tape and texture.

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