Friday, July 31, 2009

Boo's Powder Room Painting Adventures

Boo and I tackled the main level powder room yesterday. I did the taping; she did the painting. She, being an artist at heart, decided this was her canvas UNTIL I said, "Can't we just finish already?"

Boo thinks this is the real color....
I think this is the real color. Flash on, Flash off! I like the color.. it's warm and yummyish. Now for some new accessories like lighting and a cute towel rack.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kitchen Paint...Take 2

It's done. Love the color and love the look. The only thing missing is the cedar ceiling. THAT will have to wait awhile. :) Now I'm, we, all of us are onto the family room and main bath. Gotta get this done before August 15th... school starts then!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kitchen Paint...Take 1

UGH! I thought this would be a great choice. I never go wrong. I even had the swatch up for over a month. This is horrible for a kitchen. Better in a bedroom or nursery. Back to the store I go. Darker. Warmer. Cabiny.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Come Rain, Come Hail

I DID have a flower bed. Every leaf has been beat off and there is hail on the ground in the flower bed still.
Pile by God. I walked out and found this neatly stacked for me. Thanks God.

Midnight hail chunksThe hail looks like a layer of snow. CRAZY!
Midnight driveway.

Little, no strike that, BIG hail balls.

Midnight.. just me and Lina at home. Well, Charley too. Thud, Thud, Thud, Flash!THUD! Wake up Lina! Down stairs we go...all the way downstairs. Ok, so I ran back up for my cell phone and laptop. We went online and checked the radar and found a BIG red zone going right over our head. Ya never know about tornadoes??? The hail was beating us up. I wasn't sure about the rest but knew this was the worst this season. I text Terrell; he was missing out! Posted pictures on facebook; everyone else was missing out! Finally crawled back into bed. Oh sleep where art thou? And now at 6:45am, it is a whopping 44 degrees outside.
A new roof? Ohh I hope so!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Living Room Painting is Done!

Terrell went up the ladder this weekend and did the hard-horribly-difficult part that we could not do. It's done!!! I'm so excited! Now I can move on to the family room and kitchen!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A July Hello to Keep You Updated

We went to Boulder today with Angelina since all the other kids are gone on a missions trip. Terrell found this really cool hat! He's been looking awhile and yeah!!! he found one!
So sweet...
Montana we come! There are two girl vans and one boy van. So, yeah, Gabe missed out on this picture. The kids are in Montana near Glacier National Park building a bridge for a Reservation and ministering to the kids there. They spent a couple nights in Wyoming at the YWAM base first.
Gotta get it all in ONE bag! I know it's tiny... our youth pastor and for all you Californians, that's Tony, Crystal's brother, took this with his phone on the way up to Wyoming. I think that is truly a nice run on sentence. I'm so proud. Anyhow, our youth group has grown and matured under Tony's leadership. We really love it!
Look! Our summer project is slowly but surely coming along. And Check out the new light!! Much better, don't ya' think??

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tim Hawkins... A Homeschool Family

Oh, the misconceptions and realities of homeschool life, from comedian (and homeschool dad) Tim Hawkins

Monday, July 6, 2009

Small Town Parade and BBQ

July 4th started out with a great parade in our little community. We watched tractors, dogs, and people firing guns. You name it.. we saw it.
Rob and Jo came out for a little while with our sweet nephew and niece.

This is our friend John with my amazingly adorable husband. And no, they are not brothers though I am sure most thought so.
Angelina and Jenna are enjoying the parade and yelling for candy. Folks throw candy to everyone on the sidelines. They definitely got their fair share.
and yes that is a toothbrush! The dentist in town said "Forget candy!"

We all stood proud and took off our hats for the military. This is the Marines truck. Thought of my nephew in Japan serving our country when this big truck passed by.

Amanda is John's wife. We love this family. Glad they could come be with us! John and Amanda are friends from church that enjoy spending time with.

My beauties.

So after the parade we took a break at home and then headed to a BBQ with our pastor's family .This funny, articulate, young women gives Gabe a run for his money. Megan is our pastor's daughter and they argue and play like siblings!

Do you see what I see? Gabe is sneaking in the picture of Megan's great dessert.

Who will be the big winner? Competition is a serious matter with this crowd~ We heard the girls yelling and screaming from the upstairs. I am women, hear me roar! Gabe had no chance!

Melody is our pastor's other daughter. She likewise is a kick in the pants. Their momma is very funny and when you listen to the three of them.... lol!
So it rained most of the afternoon and by late afternoon all parties were tired. We drove out to Palmer Lake to see if it was even possible to watch the fireworks. We went home and pondered... and pondered some more. T was leaving early the next morning for Mexico and I had homework. What do we do???? What do we do???? Well, I felt very smuckish but we dropped the kids off with friends and let them watch the fireworks while we stayed home. All's well that ends well!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red Rock Canyon and Donuts

We started out our day "thinking we were heading up to Pikes Peaks but the weather wasn't looking so good at 14000 ft so we switched gears to do a day hike instead. Well, nothing goes with a day hike like donuts! We Finally found a really good donut shop. It isn't close by but it is soo yummy!! Side note: Apparently the donut shop here in Monument closed down after the Donut Man was struck by lightning crossing the street... from his shop. :( I guess the lightning is pretty scary here after all!

The sky was full of clouds as the afternoon storm started to roll in.

The little Hiker Bees.

This cactus was in bloom. I have never witnessed this! Quite beautiful.

Gabe was in charge of Charley and Charley was able to run off leash most of the time. We split up for one trail and all of a sudden we hear Gabe and Terrell yelling across the canyon. Charley was off after Bambi and just about caught her. She is fast and leaps high, Charley that is, not Bambi. We got her back and I tell you this boy needs to find a career that involves speaking loudly. His voice carrrrrriesss!
Make a Wish!

Little Lina got plum tuckered out.

I love hiking. I'm not always strong right away. I found from training for the marathon a few years back that it takes about 3.2 miles for my body to warm up so sure enough as we were almost done with our hike up and down this canyon, I was warmed up and ready for more. Unfortunately, we were not hydrated enough and hungry for substance. Home James!