Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red Rock Canyon and Donuts

We started out our day "thinking we were heading up to Pikes Peaks but the weather wasn't looking so good at 14000 ft so we switched gears to do a day hike instead. Well, nothing goes with a day hike like donuts! We Finally found a really good donut shop. It isn't close by but it is soo yummy!! Side note: Apparently the donut shop here in Monument closed down after the Donut Man was struck by lightning crossing the street... from his shop. :( I guess the lightning is pretty scary here after all!

The sky was full of clouds as the afternoon storm started to roll in.

The little Hiker Bees.

This cactus was in bloom. I have never witnessed this! Quite beautiful.

Gabe was in charge of Charley and Charley was able to run off leash most of the time. We split up for one trail and all of a sudden we hear Gabe and Terrell yelling across the canyon. Charley was off after Bambi and just about caught her. She is fast and leaps high, Charley that is, not Bambi. We got her back and I tell you this boy needs to find a career that involves speaking loudly. His voice carrrrrriesss!
Make a Wish!

Little Lina got plum tuckered out.

I love hiking. I'm not always strong right away. I found from training for the marathon a few years back that it takes about 3.2 miles for my body to warm up so sure enough as we were almost done with our hike up and down this canyon, I was warmed up and ready for more. Unfortunately, we were not hydrated enough and hungry for substance. Home James!

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Reg said...

Love the post...too funny about Charley and Bambi! Yikes! Love the pictures. O.k. the next time we visit it will definitely be in the summer!