Saturday, July 18, 2009

A July Hello to Keep You Updated

We went to Boulder today with Angelina since all the other kids are gone on a missions trip. Terrell found this really cool hat! He's been looking awhile and yeah!!! he found one!
So sweet...
Montana we come! There are two girl vans and one boy van. So, yeah, Gabe missed out on this picture. The kids are in Montana near Glacier National Park building a bridge for a Reservation and ministering to the kids there. They spent a couple nights in Wyoming at the YWAM base first.
Gotta get it all in ONE bag! I know it's tiny... our youth pastor and for all you Californians, that's Tony, Crystal's brother, took this with his phone on the way up to Wyoming. I think that is truly a nice run on sentence. I'm so proud. Anyhow, our youth group has grown and matured under Tony's leadership. We really love it!
Look! Our summer project is slowly but surely coming along. And Check out the new light!! Much better, don't ya' think??

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Reg said...

It's been forever since I have checked out blogs...I feel so out of touch! Love the pictures. T's hat is great. Davey found one at the Ag show in Feb. and wore it all weekend...he loves it! It took him a while to find the one that looked right on him and it cost him a bit more, but it was worth it. The living room looks really the color.