Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boise Bound

A little time away to visit the folks was well overdue. T could work from Boise and Lina had a vacation day so we took off across 84 to Idaho. I love seeing mom and dad and enjoy getting out of dodge a bit too. We enjoyed some gorgeous scenery along the way; colorful trees and a soft glow from the sunset. The weather was perfect; no crazy storms to contend with and no icy roads to slip on. Mom and Dad treated us to breakfast, lunch and dinner. We covered all the bases visiting restaurants and diners I hadn't been to before. Luckily they have an elliptical in the loft to work off those added calories from all the delicious food we ate. We watched Hallmark movies and drank hot coffee. Mom, Lina and I shopped and well, we shopped again. It was a marvelous time away! Sometimes you just got to get away a little bit and what better place than visiting two people I'm very thankful to have in my life. 

November.. Fall Hikes, Rain, and Reminders

It's crazy windy outside right now and raining, raining, raining. It IS the PNW and it DOES rain. I have to remind myself that this,


is also the PNW. 

The lake that is just about mile from us offers beautiful hiking and biking trails. In the summer, the big green leaves create a canopy to keep us cool and in autumn, the leaves fall on the ground creating a colorful path to follow. This place truly is lovely but when we see GRAY clouds for days and RAIN and WIND, it's hard to remember the spring and summer beauty. So it is to this I say, Thank you Lord for pictures to remind me that seasons change and my heart may waiver, but you have a plan.

Homecoming 2015

Believe it or not, the Homecoming dance was on October 31st this year. A bunch of students asked why Halloween of all nights? With no fantastic answer and since the school decided this was the night, we went with it. The theme was Vintage Hollywood. Pearls, lace, and just bit of 1920's fringe. My girl sparkled. 

Halloween Party

We had a groovy  Halloween Party this year. Becca and I planned the event for our young adults at church. It took a while to find or even convince T to wear a costume but alas, here he is ready to par-tee or chill, maybe chill is better. Becca is a vision of 1920's splendor. She found a great Costume Closet here in town that offers free costumes. For reals, free!  I couldn't make up my mind so I pulled together a last minute Grad Princess costume. It was here... and free. Plus, I've always wanted to be a princess. The evening was filled with a costume contest, pumpkin carving, bubble blowing, a sing off, name how many candy corns there are in the jar contest, and of course food. WAY too much food. All in all, the night was a success! 

The World Series was happening and we had some die hard fans so a little party and a little baseball, it works.

Happy Halloween 2015

26 Years of Us

Blogging hasn't been my top priority lately and for this I tell my children... it will be cheaper when you turn these into memory books. :)

Well, October ended with some fun.

Our anniversary was on the 28th; twenty-six years of loving this man! I went old school and made our first "at home" meal T made prepared for little o' me while we were dating. Let's just say I was so impressed with this meal, let alone his skills in the kitchen, I decided he was a keeper on the spot and still love to make this meal for him years later. Ok, I probably had already decided he was a keeper but this was the icing on the cake. A man who can cook? Now who doesn't want that!  The girls were very kind to eat my specially prepared meal in-spite of the onions. We also had cream of asparagus soup thanks to Campbell's. Their recipe hasn't changed in 26 years. Still delicious and a wonderful beginning to our dinner. We have no clue why T decided to make that of all soups but paring it with Quiche Lorraine actually works well.  I remember sitting at his kitchen table and him serving me my first ever bowl of cream of asparagus soup. He had worked so hard to make this meal special for the two of us. He was brave to serve it and I was brave to try it. I loved it, surprise, surprise! Throw in a little white wine and some candles, Perfect.

We also love, LOVE truffles. But not any truffles, we love Lindor truffles. I almost grabbed a bag for us since that's our anniversary candy but walked past them at least a few times trying to decide. Good thing I did! My man didn't walk past them and brought them home for me with some gorgeous roses. He knows me too well.

Some years we celebrate BIG and other years are just wonderful in the simple ways. I love that about us. We just enjoy each other whether we're in Aruba toasting pool side or in our kitchen with our girls sharing a truffle.

Happy Anniversary to us!