Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Camping 2011

Our family and the H family headed out for our first summer camping trip. Our destination this time was 11 Mile Reservoir. It wasn't too far away which was an added bonus. After a couple stops in town for steel (a welding project) and connectors for trailer lights, we arrived to find spectacular views.

I love this smile.

So, the down side to the trip was two fold. The wind was fierce. So much so that none of us slept much. The other down side that really caused us to cut our trip short was the Midges. More on that later. It deserves a write-up all its own.

These five act and LOOK like brother and sisters.

Another shot from the shoreline. It was a great place to fish and the water was amazing to watch. It was just too windy to enjoy.

M and J and Scruffy. M smiled for me. Now that was a miracle! He's warming up to me asking for pictures. :)

We had a bunch of seagulls flying around too. They were spectacular in flight... as long as they flight didn't involve flying over our camper and dropping gifts.

Nothing says camping like eggs and bacon.

Since none of us slept and we couldn't hang by the camp sight due to the swarm of Midges, we went off roading. We found this great abandoned mine and stopped for lunch.

The girls are trying to deduct what it is. They concluded it was a flour mill. I don't quite think so myself, but there were plenty of flour bags laying around for some reason.

The two cruisers are willing to take us anywhere. Love those trucks!

The views were over the top from here! The weather was perfect for a picnic and some Reggae music....

And a nap.

The girls were hangin and M was treasure hunting.

We ended the trip early but will not forget the first camping adventure of the season. Bugs, wind, off-roading, and friends. It's all good.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Farmer's Market... California Style

Farmer's Market comes every summer and depending on where you live, it can be a place full of delicious produce or well, just honey. While we were visiting my sister we mosied on over to their local Farmer's Market in downtown Clovis. Oh my goodness.. fruit that is ready to eat, veggies, live music and warm nights. What a great way to spend a Friday night. Only thing missing was my man.

Check out these veggies. It's May and there are veggies to be sold. Wow!

Silly Girl!

Love this picture.. The details stand out so well don't ya think? Cute couple, Clovis sign in background, and blue skies above.

My attempt at a self portrait. I am looking a bit ragged but we sure were enjoying ourselves!

My sister was picking out some fresh strawberries. This is another fine thing to enjoy in California. Great fruit!

Peaches, cherries, apricots. Oh yum!

Jenna Bug was working at a cute diner so we scurried on over to support the local economy.

More delicious fruit!

Live music too. What a great Friday night. I'm so glad we went!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Fun California Moments

Gabe and Me Old Friends all grown up.

Brother/Sister Time

A shopping trip success!

Fresh Strawberries!

Gabe and Lina

Best Friends Becca and Rebecca

Friday, May 6, 2011

Singing a New Song!

Two months ago, a tragic accident almost took our friend's daughter. Now she sings for her Jesus in the hospital. Shaela is a typical 16 year old girl. Junior in high school, sisters to love, parents that care and a church youth group who supports.

It was coming home from youth group with her big sister when this accident took place. Shaela has lost her eyesight unless a miracle takes place. She had many frightening moments where we all prayed for God's mercy. Through this journey her family has received support from the community in ways we've never witnessed. God has received the glory for what could have been a nightmare.

Her life will never be the same but neither will the lives of all those who have watched, prayed and now see what a Big God can do.

When our kids were tiny three year old, they'd sing this song:

"Our God is so Big so Strong and so Mighty! There's nothing our God cannot do for you. and you. and you. and YOU!"

Yes, Shaela, our God is so Big, so Strong, and So Mighty.

We rejoice with you in your healing and the testimony He has given you.