Monday, October 31, 2011

And Away We Go...

 Our 22nd  wedding anniversary and some well needed time away were a perfect match for this getaway for two. T and I wandered on over to Santa Fe for some RnR at the southwestern resort. La Posada. It was an easy drive with time to talk and read. Yes, read. We stopped on the way out of town and grabbed Ted Dekker's book Green.  T drove, I read. He asked if I wanted to switch, he read and I could drive. Umm.. no. I love reading out loud and just as much, dislike driving. I do hope they invent a car one day that drives for me. Anyhow, what a great read ... I am sucked in!

 We went out to dinner the night we arrived, our anniversary. We found a great Mexican place but the wait was crazy long. So how do you avoid long waits you ask? Ya sit at the bar and order food. It wasn't the romantic type of place anyhow, so why not?! We met this gal, Lora, from none other than our old stomping ground in Cali AND to boot, her husband works for Hp. We had great conversation about life, places we love like Apple Hill and Lake Tahoe, ate some de-lic-ous food, and finished it off with our only picture (taken with T's cell phone) together that day... with Lora of course! How funny is this! Our 22nd anniversary picture with a gal we only met. :)
 Our room has this cool fireplace so what better way to end the evening than with a fire and my man.

And smoke. The ventilation wasn't so good, turns out. We had a great fire with the windows cracked....good thing we had warm blankets.
 Day 2... Trader Joe's, the 2nd reason, okay, maaaaybe the first reason, to go to Santa Fe. We stocked up. Yeah baby!

After sightseeing some of Old Santa Fe, we went back to enjoy our resort. T and I enjoy some friendly competition here and there. He won twice to my once. Strategy or luck? I'd like to believe luck. 

A little Cribbage

with a wonderful fruit and cheese plate
and some Apothic Red. Perfect.

 The resort has some quirky things about it like smores...inside. Hey, it's chocolate. I'm not gonna argue.

 And finally... a picture with the love of my life. We had one special night out on the town. Dinner, conversation and each other. Twenty-Two years has flown by for us. We've lived a lot of life together. I want more...  a lot more.   I love you SHJ. Only you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Her Senior Year

Isn't she lovely! Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she's appropriate to sing Stevie Wonder's song since music is sooo much a part of Elizabeth's life. Boo graduates from high school next spring. I have had the privilege of schooling her for most of her 12 years. Elizabeth has been my child that was always ready to start her day....after a good long night's sleep, that is! When she was 3 or 4 we asked her about preschool. She went for one day and announced that was enough. She was NOT gonna have anything to do with that preschool and so, we kept her home. I can't think of a time Boo didn't want to learn. Piano, Jesus Express Choir, Spanish lessons, Art, Guitar: all areas my sweet girl excelled in, only complaining when she was tired or too busy. Then I knew it was time to pull back again.  I love to reflect back on all the years it was my job to make sure she learned and was prepared for this upcoming day in May 2012. Her one struggle with reading comprehension didn't require a state test or intervention, it required a momma who paid attention and found what this little one needed to succeed. And succeed she did. Elizabeth reads and comprehends better than my other kids. She is an excellent note taker, color coding her papers to recall the information better. When we moved to Colorado, I knew my time for schooling her was drawing to a close. She was ready for a bigger challenge. These last two years of Boo's education have been at the local Junior College. She will graduate with just about 60 college units. Her dedication and willingness to push herself is evident. That she did on her own.

Now we have discussions about life soon to come. Living away from home on the university campus. Which to choose. What matters to her. Scholarships, traveling abroad with her sister, marriage. All of it. It's a great place to be...  

Elizabeth Grace-Marie. My 8 pound 8 ounce bundle of  joy is ready to soar. T and I raised our children for such a time as this; not holding them back, not pushing them down, but lifting them up and praying, oh praying, for the day they leave. God's plans are so much bigger than our own. We have our children here in our care for a short time and in our hearts for a lifetime. Now it's her turn to fly.

We love you Elizabeth...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pikes Peak or Bust!

Pikes Peak or Bust!....

"Bust what?" my class asked. "I thought we were busted or something!" Umm.. no. :) 

And so the adventure up to 14,000 feet began. 

 This is our 5th grade team. Two rookies, Two long timers. All together.. a great team!

 The tram climbs 1.5 hours to the top of the mountain. Steep and slow. The children loved the conductor's stories and the view.  I was marveling over the amazing scenery. My goodness, could Colorado be any more gorgeous!
 This place here is kindly known as Windy Point. Elevation 12,000 something. Quick trivia... some woman years ago had her baby in this place. I'm thinking.... I like hospitals.. on level ground.. with WARM running water.

 This here is the Cog Rail we were all piled into for 1.5 hours up, and 1.5 hours down. Let me just say, I am so glad the children did not get sick from the elevation. That could have been a verrry long 1.5 hours.
 Col-o-ra-do Rocky Mountain HIII-gh. (Feel free to start singing.  Thank you John Denver)

And back on level ground once again. What an amazing day! God's creation was truly singing out.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkins and Corn Maizes..It truly is fall

 What a wonderful fall day.... October 13,2011.  This year I was bound and determined to find a truly aMAIZEing corn field to get lost in, I mean explore with Lina to during our fall break. After asking every family (it seemed like every family!) in my classroom where the best corn mazes and pumpkin farms are in Colorado, we found a winner. Anderson Farms is in Northern Colorado, near Erie. Not a bad drive either and considering the northern farmlands are truly my favorite part of Colorado, I was more than willing to go!

MK and Lina had a great day together. We felt like the farm was all ours; no crowds, no waiting in long lines, and the fresh smell of a working farm.

 And we're off! The corn maize IS the reason we ventured up north and we were not disappointed. Oh man is it one BIG field. My navigators did a great job using the map and finding the numbered stations along the way. Eventually though, we did get lost or just tired of trying and started navigating Tina style... turn right, right is always the right way, right?  Really, I don't know anyone who wouldn't get lost. It's SOO big and after a while one path starts to look like all the rest; tall corn and dirt paths.

 I love corn. I love farms.  Put me in the farm WITH the corn and I just had to take a self-portrait! Now to BUY a farm with some corn... hmmm.

 The ghost town was closed up for the day but we were able to take a sneak peek. Some truly creative thinkers came up with these grave stones. :)

Another highlight of our day was riding the wagon out to the pumpkin patch. Along the way our driver stopped to visit a few cow friends. We all know how much I love cows. Well, this momma was hankering for some nibble. She was feeding two new babies and wanted herself a break from the usual. She slime(d) Lina with her tongue while grabbing the pellet. Too Cute!  I just wanted to go hug her. What is it with cows and me?

Me and my baby girl. I love this little Chicky. And this house... yeah this has my name written all over it. Problem is I hear Mr. Jones saying,"I have enough projects, Honey." My man is right but I can't help myself. Old. Farm. Wide open spaces. Cows. It just beckons me. Can't you just see me in my apron calling my cow for dinner then sitting on the front porch swing, sipping a nice Merlot, watching the sunset?  Yep.. me too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Snowy Sort of Autumn Day

Last night the weatherman assured us we had a snowy sort of morning in store for us. I wondered if this was really true. I awoke earlier than all the rest of the house and it felt like Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to sneak out of our bedroom and tip-toe down stairs to look for the present Jack Frost left overnight. Sure enough, there it was... bright, blowing snow.

Today is October 8th, mind you, not December or January.  The fall has just begun and only last week I bought pumpkins to decorate my classroom. Funny thing is, I have been getting excited about Christmas already. I've walked into our storage room this week to get the fall decor and my eyes quickly go over to the Christmas boxes.I even considered getting the fake tree up really early in the basement this year. Christmas is so short and all. I've even wanted to start shopping for stocking stuffers and pretty wrapping paper. So snow.. well.. it only encourages the Christmas spirit even more.

I think I'll turn on Christmas Carols and watch Christmas with the Kranks today.  

Merry Christmas.... I mean Happy Fall everyone!

Colorado Springs Air Show

The air show came to Colorado Springs in September. I was hesitant after the Reno air show disaster but we decided to go and make the best of a beautiful day. And a beautiful day it was! We all received plenty of sunshine kisses on our face. The sky was blue, blue, blue! I can't say we'd go back to this one again but a day away with the kids is always a welcome treat.

Father- Daughter Dance 2011

This was Angelina's big day! She waited three years for her time with her daddy. We shopped, planned,  and shopped some more. She looked fabUlous! I have to say... my man, oh yeah, he looks mighty fine too. It truly was a night to remember.

Angelina and her Daddy are ready to dance the night away!