Saturday, October 22, 2011

Her Senior Year

Isn't she lovely! Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she's appropriate to sing Stevie Wonder's song since music is sooo much a part of Elizabeth's life. Boo graduates from high school next spring. I have had the privilege of schooling her for most of her 12 years. Elizabeth has been my child that was always ready to start her day....after a good long night's sleep, that is! When she was 3 or 4 we asked her about preschool. She went for one day and announced that was enough. She was NOT gonna have anything to do with that preschool and so, we kept her home. I can't think of a time Boo didn't want to learn. Piano, Jesus Express Choir, Spanish lessons, Art, Guitar: all areas my sweet girl excelled in, only complaining when she was tired or too busy. Then I knew it was time to pull back again.  I love to reflect back on all the years it was my job to make sure she learned and was prepared for this upcoming day in May 2012. Her one struggle with reading comprehension didn't require a state test or intervention, it required a momma who paid attention and found what this little one needed to succeed. And succeed she did. Elizabeth reads and comprehends better than my other kids. She is an excellent note taker, color coding her papers to recall the information better. When we moved to Colorado, I knew my time for schooling her was drawing to a close. She was ready for a bigger challenge. These last two years of Boo's education have been at the local Junior College. She will graduate with just about 60 college units. Her dedication and willingness to push herself is evident. That she did on her own.

Now we have discussions about life soon to come. Living away from home on the university campus. Which to choose. What matters to her. Scholarships, traveling abroad with her sister, marriage. All of it. It's a great place to be...  

Elizabeth Grace-Marie. My 8 pound 8 ounce bundle of  joy is ready to soar. T and I raised our children for such a time as this; not holding them back, not pushing them down, but lifting them up and praying, oh praying, for the day they leave. God's plans are so much bigger than our own. We have our children here in our care for a short time and in our hearts for a lifetime. Now it's her turn to fly.

We love you Elizabeth...

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