Friday, November 30, 2007

How about a cup of coffee today?

It's cold, almost 8am our time, I slept on the couch, and I'm drinking my morning cup of Joe.

I could use some company today, unfortunately all of my friends are somewhere else. Speaking on the phone is tough right now because of this silly cough I have. It interrupts me regularly plus my voice is tired.

So, If you happen to be driving by Fort Collins today, stop on in!

Funny thing is, someone tried to walk into our place last night. We didn't lock the door and they were at the wrong town home! Too funny!

ps... it is supposed to snow today! The kids can't wait!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A time of Thanksgiving...and coughing.

So... This cold I have is dragggging me down. I sneeze, blow my nose, cough and have almost no voice. fa la la la la la la. Unfortunately, I don't get rid of them very fast. la la la laaaaaa.

Enough about that! Moving on....

I missed Thanksgiving this year in the traditional sense. We were on the ship for Thanksgiving and there were signs up and a "Thanksgiving Dinner" served but it felt more like well, vacation. I do say it was mighty neat to have so much family around! There were 28 of us in the ship between family and friends.

There is so much to be thankful for. We live in the land of the free and home of the brave. God has blessed us with a beautiful nation. So much opportunity. So many privileges. Let's pray we always will. I personally am so thankful for my life. Remember awhile back when God told me I complained to much and gave me an assignment of being thankful. I'm still living that assignment. Even with this nasty cough, I'm thankful...I'm not in the hospital or dying from some dreadful disease. God is good to me. Through this move and transition in life, I'm thankful. We made it. The kids are happy. We are moving in the forward direction. Will there be challenges? You bet. Are some days gonna drag by? Yes. Can I anticipate tough decisions? absolutely. Don't we always have challenges and tough times? That's how we grow up in Christ and become who God intended us to become. Still, I'm thankful. I know how the story ends.....

Reality Check:

What are you...whiner, complainer? I am sometimes. That's okay as long as you don't camp there. Roll up your sleeping bag and get those hiking boots on. Take a walk into a new place. Ask the Lord for a heart of Thanksgiving. One full of Joy!

"For the JOY of the Lord is my strength!"

Thanks for listening,
Tuna Jones

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where are you Summer?

Hey all friends.....

I sent an email to Summer and it got kicked back to me!!! Please let me know if you are out there somewhere. Did your email change?

Write me!
Tuna Jones

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So what's happenin' in Colorado?

Today is Tuesday. We came home from the trip yesterday. I brought a souvenir home... a cold. Oh joy!

We had a great trip and it was great to see all the family together. I have some of the pictures below. Be sure and check them out. This sign cracked us up!

The house is feeling small right now...I wish you could hear the kids. I can't help but to laugh. The quarters are tight tonight..whoo hoo!

We are supposed to start school again tomorrow. It should be interesting.

Enough said.....

Good night to all!

Thanks for listening,

Tuna Jones

Mexico Pictures!!

Mexico! Celebrate!

Mexico.... Cruise

Here are a few photos.....
We met some cousins that are just wonderful! I love the picture of Gabe with BOTH Grandpas!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Even More Photos....

I can only upload a few at a time due to the size... I'll make them smaller next time...

Here are some more photos of Fort Collins Living....

Fort Collins Home

We are unpacked now and repacking! Cruise time!The boxes are empty! YAH! Here are a few photos of our place. The air is very clear here. Crisp too. I don't remember California air being so clean. The kids found an amazing park. It has soccer fields, dog park, baseball diamonds, play area, and roller rink all in one! Beautiful! Not sure where we will settle for the long term yet but we really like the feel of Fort Collins. Small town feel with all the amenities one needs! The trees and neighborhoods remind me of Ky when I was a child. We also like our town home. It is just big enough to move around and small enough to hear everyone. What a concept! As I think of more I'll write again. I know we are still into the honeymoon won't last forever. Thank you to all who have put their chickadees on IM and email. The kids are grateful.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Road Trip or Trip in the Road?

We made it last night into Fort Collins! I am sitting in Starbucks with the kids taking a break to write. Here is a small glimpse of our Adventure to Colorado.....

God has been so good to us. We are blessed to be safe today.

1. We left early Saturday morning and headed out over the Sierras.
2. Landcruisers: all the girls including a sleepy puppy plus a bike rack full of bikes.
3. Burb': Boys only and the over loaded and over weighted trailer.
4. Great weather for driving. We were stoked on how well the trip was going.
5. We were, oh, 30 minutes past Winnemucca, Nv when a tire blew out on the new trailer taking the fender off too. After a repair and then into elko for a new tire we were off again! We had to take it slow from there.
6. Motel 6 here we come! Salt Lake City.
7. After an inspection of the room the girls and I were totally grossed out! Becca and I had bugs in our bed. We DID NOT sleep under the sheets that night. I took a shower with flip flops on in the morning! So glad to get out of there.
8. Stopped in and amazing little town called Jeremy Ranch Utah...look it up... for Starbucks. Beautiful!!!
9. The road was clear and the drivers respectable. Good driving!
10. Wyoming: Outside of Rawlins a bad, bad thing happen.... the bike rack broke and off went the bikes! I was praying there wouldn't be a major accident. The cars and trucks avoided the bikes and no one got hurt. Terrell and Gabe ran to get the bikes and evaluate the damage. T's bikes are trashed. Gabe's too. My gears and handle bars drug along the ground. We have some replacements to do.
11. After making some adjustments and getting the "bikes" in the trailer and truck, we were off again.
12. We made it into FC last night and took the kids to dinner.ahhh!
13. Motel 6...again.... this time it was very clean. YAH!

Now we are in FC and it reminds me of Ky when I was a child. Wonderful!

I'll down load some pictures soon.

Tuna Jones

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ahhh... We did it!

School that is.

It is the toughest thing to do school and move. The kids really got a hold of it today and did it! Yah!! Gabe is reeling trying to figure out what school is for him now. I'll keep you posted on what that means for us. The girls are working hard and trying , really trying today.

We decided to take Charley with us on the trip to Co. At first we weren't so sure but now we are. I am hopeful it won't take too long to secure a house, God willing. Until that time we will be walking her lots since the place we are staying has no yard.

We are enjoying our visit with our friends the L's this week. We are trying not to become "Lazerus" to any one family. :)

Tonight we have one final good bye..Water polo. The banquet is tonight and it should be a good time for Gabe.

Pray for our trip this weekend. It'll be a long drive. I am a little nervous about the time in the car. God is good and always comes through. I appreciate the prayers.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our New and Revised Schedule

So... here is the latest schedule for our family.

Monday-Friday : November 5th-9th California
Saturday: Off to Colorado we go. We'll not make it the whole way on Saturday. We're thinking of stopping in SLC, Utah.
Sunday: Fort Collins
Monday: November 10th we get to unpack in our townhouse.
Friday: November 17th we are flying back to San Diego to get on ship with 25 other family members.
Saturday: November 24th we disembark from a great family week. I hope I have a tan!
Monday: November 26th we fly back to Colorado to continue our adventure and settle in.

We have yet to decide where we will permanently land. We have a state picked out, the next step is picking out a city. God is directing each step of the way. Our children are doing very well considering our homeless state. I beleive He will continue to show us where to go. Stay tuned!

Friends are so sweet....

Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them.....Micheal W. Smith

We are so blessed with friends!

Friday Night was game night at the Smith's. We used to be a part of this monthly dinner in years past. Friday was our last time to join in and also say good-bye. My dear friend A cooks so well and definitely has the Gift of Hospitality. We felt so loved! We received an amazing gift from our homeschool network too. We also had some sweet conversation with all who were there. On Saturday we had soccer and more soccer. Becca's team threw her a going away party. They signed a ball and gave her some balloons! What great friends. Another dear friend, M, made us lunch today...including cake! We have friends allowing us to leave stuff in their garage and friends allowing us to sleep in their house. We have friends sending us words of encouragement and friends cooking for us! So many wonderful friends loving on our family. Our family is so blessed. Thank you Lord for friends.