Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Little Catching Up

Or a lot of catching up...

Writing dropped off my radar in 2016. I've been doing some soul searching and trying to figure out why. I think I have a couple ideas... working, lots of travel with volleyball, selling a home, moving, buying a home, a new job, my husband flying back and forth to Colorado, and a new grand-baby. That's most of it. I think some of it could have been my heart being sad and wounded from some hard things I had to process while I was in Washington. When I write, I'm quite vulnerable. I say it like it is and that's part of the joy of writing. I started this little o' blog to create memories for my children. I don't scrapbook. I tried it. I even tried to like it.  I can't stand cutting paper or placing stickers on a page, so these years of posts, one after the other will be the scrapbooks for my family.

I think I'm ready to write again. And I am hoping my amazing man will jump in once in a while. He has been sharing some fabulous insights with me and I keep saying, "Write them down, please!"
Hey, maybe we will actually write that book we've talked about together or maybe you'll just have to pull up a chair for some coffee and have a sweet on-on-one chat with us.

So, before I begin writing all about 2017 I need to share memories from 2016. Just pictures and a few words. My children will thank me later.

January started off with T making a trip to Israel. He loved his time there!

 We're gonna be grandparents!!! Definitely a highlight to 2016!

 Prom 2016
We lived in Washington but Lina flew to Colorado for prom. This prom with her dear friends in Colorado was so special. It was really the last thing that gave us the green light to move back to Colorado.

 The two men of the family.

 LPC Volleyball! Go Purple!

My favorite spot in the summer. I love the quiet serenity of Round Lake in Camas. Always made my heart glad.

 I had fun with a photo shoot of my girls in July before the move. 

 These two are dear friends. So glad Maddie is in our life! One of the great things about our move to Washington.

 Lina and Abby! Two crazy longtime friends who love heels and fashion but can have a great time being silly.

 Senior year! 

Knee surgery right before we moved.

 My sweet girl. Loved going down to California for some time with my Boo!


 Becca and T did their first ever Father-Daughter cycling event together. 

 T rode in some great places in 2016. Bend is always a highlight with his old Roseville riding buddies as well as Hood River. 

This was one of those rides that had a surprise in store. Snow in October! Maybe this was the first clue that Oregon was going to get a lot more snow in 2016.

   These four. My heartbeat and joy. 

Once in a blue moon I'll join T when he rides. I found a quiet spot one afternoon while T rode in Hood River. Perfect view and a quiet place to hear from Jesus.

 Seattle! Time for some volleyball and taking in the sights. 

I adore this man. He is my knight in shining armor. He makes my heart jump every time I see him. He brings me peace in the midst of the storm. Truly God's greatest gift to me.

I'm back in the classroom full time! I have twenty great second graders. I LOVE my job!

These two. Girlfriend time and laughing most of it. 

Here is our beautiful grand-daughter! 

 Meet Rylann Grace

Sisters, Sisters. 🎵

Cousin time in So Cal this fall.

 One big selfie for Thanksgiving 2016!

Christmas 2016 Tree Cutting with friends. SO. Much. Fun!

 Family time!

 Here I am! Grandma Happy and my sweet grand-daughter. I knew this day would come but sometimes it still feels surreal. She is such a fabulous addition to life.

And that's 2016! You're all caught up now. After how much time it took me to get this ONE post done, I feel like I should say Happy New Year! It's only February 11th. Who's counting?

Happy New Year!