Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Many Backgrounds, Such Little Time

I just like too many! I feel the need to switch it up more often than not. Reminds me of my sisters hair cuts! Ha!

Do you like this one? Makes me think of Napa, California. I hope to go there for our 20th anniversary this year. That's in October. I think I'll have a lot more backgrounds before then.

Oh Blogging is so fun, isn't it?!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fickle Colorado

This monument is at the top of the hike. Very cool place to pause and pray.

Our weather in Colorado is so fickle. We had marvelous temperatures this week and even opened the windows. It went from warm to cold overnight. The snow feel this afternoon for about an hour. It was so beautiful. In the midst of of the big flakes coming down, Terrell invited me on a short hike and though it was cold I gladly went. I grabbed my camera and off we went. Well. Not quite went. T lost a hiker or should I say it just can't be found. We found the lone ranger in the truck without its mate. We think it fell out of the truck this week. :( One shoe down!


Black & White

Hey All...

T and I are starting a new blog.. go check it out and spread the news!

Thanks for your support!

Ms Tuna

If I Could I Would

But I can't so I won't.... finish off this cleanse thing I started yesterday.

I tell you what.. a headache and a husband's upcoming 48th birthday (Not 51 Dear You-Know-Who!)... did me in yesterday. I decided celebrating with him was kind-of on the important list.

I earnestly want to be clean and healthy but every time I try it I get this conviction in my Spirit saying, "Wrong way, Sista!" Balance is a key to life, is it not? Balance in our eating habits, in our exercise habits, in our spiritual habits. I just LOVE CHOCOLATE SOOOO MUCH THOUGH! and coffee. And darn it all.. it's cold here A LOT and that makes me want more coffee and chocolate. So I just won't put on that bathing suit this summer. Just Kidding!

I do miss Trader Joes and those amazing fresh fruits. I went to the store today and the strawberries were 3 bucks for a small little bitty thing of them. Walk on by.yy..yy. (that was me singing.. I know, I know but songs just kind of pop in my head)

Ramble! Ramble! Ramble!

Have a Jolly Friday all ya'll out there.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cleaning and Cleansing

This is a new day.. a fresh start .. ahhh... ... Freshness Everywhere. Fresh Air, Fresh Squeezed Juice. Fresh Linens. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!
I had a mess on my hands. My house that is. All school and no cleaning leads to a messy house no matter how much my kiddos help. There's just a few things only Momma does.
1. Clean stove top. Check.
2. Clean top of fridge. Check.
3. Move furniture around. Check. Ok.. this one required man help, but hey, it's done.
4. Clean off bulletin board. Check.
5. Organize desk. Check.
This is the beginning of my spring fling clean. I feel it in the air!
Now the Cleansing part...
The Master Cleanse!
I 've been waiting to do this for awhile. I had to make sure my classes were almost done ANNNND that I was emotionally ready to take it on. I really believe in cleansing. Gettin' all the junk out from the year. And let me tell you, I have not held back. Some people, left unsaid, in my home gave me the eye when I said what I was doing. But I know me and me said, "Hey.. you need a good cleansing!" So I'm starting today and I'll keep you posted.
Cean House, Clean Body.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women's Retreat 2009

Becca and I are back and thankfully had a good time together. She was much better by Friday night and Saturday but still fought fatigue. I had a chance to dig in deeper with relationships and make some new ones too. The place we went to was breathtakingly beautiful! We were at a Young Life facility and the accommodations were GREAT. Everything was in one spot; spa, dining hall, rooms, dorms, meeting hall and a large "living room". I included random landscape shots from our walk on Saturday for you to enjoy. I've decided landscape photography is my favorite so far.

Now back to reality... I'm writing a paper for class and blogging too. Gotta focus!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pray for Becca

She still isn't right. She woke up again last night not well and we are heading to a Women's Retreat together tonight. I want this weekend to be fun for her! I feel so sad for her. Seeing your child ill isn't any fun.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Five Things

Here's a quick run down for all ya'll who care. I could put this in 5 separate post, but Why!

Gabe had his hair straightened... um, bad idea.
Terrell noticed a raccoon crawling into the bush out front yesterday morning. We watched it all day with eagerness and well, poor thing, it just didn't look right.

Gabe poked and prodded it this morning. Not moving. Another bad sign.

How sad is that! We finally get Wild Life in our own yard and it dies! It was a beautiful c'oon too. T thought we should make a hat. Uh, don't think so. Off it went. We had to keep Charley in ALLL day yesterday in case it was dying. She would have sped up the process some.

The girls threw a valentine Party or should I say Singleness Awareness Day party on Valentine's Day. This was all happening while my sweet husband was upstairs hugging his pillow. Let's just say I got my exercise running between 3 flights that night.
They played Guitar Hero.. thanks Kit....


Ate food, laughed.... and had a great time!
Almost done... keep reading....

"Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life."
Not for me anymore. I cancelled my account. It was becoming an addiction. Simplify is my life's motto and today I went back to it. If you have something cool to share, email me. Thanks!
Last thing...
T felt 90% today so we hiked the Academy Trials. I have to write another paper so you'll have to wait on those pictures. So glad he's better... maybe I'll get my Valentine Kiss after all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day that Wasn't

Oh, Valentine's day, Oh, Valentine's Day.....
Yesterday we rolled out of bed for our morning cup of Joe and I started tackling homework right away. T and Lina made all of us a scrumptious breakfast and then it was back to the homework! Well, the weather wasn't so great for the hike we had hoped to take but we had plans still for an early dinner. As the morning progressed, T came in and said, " I'm not feeling so good."
So maybe just a drive. I finished my homework by 1 o'clock, quickly showered, and we took off for downtown Colorado Springs to get some coffee and people watch. I love downtowns. They are always so full of character. T had some chamomile tea and I had a mocha. After, oh 45 minutes, we mozzied our way home straight up 25. T went to our room and found a pillow. Poor guy got worse as the night went on. He doesn't get virusy sick .. well, ever. This is the third time in our marriage that I can remember. We watched Fox News, Golden Eye, and I worked on school.
Another day, Another hike, Another Valentine's.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banquet or Marie's

We are a Marie Callendar's pot pie family. No, let me clarify that. Everyone BUT me and Becca are Marie Callendar fans. I actaully hate them. That's beside the point.
I went to the store tonight to pick up some pot pies, quick and easy. I stood there for at least 10 minutes in shock over the price... 3 bucks a pie. Well, a couple feet from our family fav was this one. Banquet, 69 cents each. BAM! This was an easy switch. Marie went back into the freezer and Banquet went into the cart.
Gotta save where I can!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


yes.. I am up to my ears in this paper. NOAA is now a subject I can discuss somewhat intelligently. Do you have any clue how much money our government puts into space satellites? OH, 100's of millions each year. Just thought you should know. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary House

One year ago we moved into our home. We jumped into our life in Colorado and now here we are... settled.
Here's a list of thoughts about this last year:
1. I love this place. The blue skies, clean air, pine trees, open spaces. Peace.
2. I love our church. We found a great place full of great people, all serving Jesus. Community.
3. The cold isn't as cold as I thought. Surprised.
4. I love having family near us. Belonging.
5. I never grow tired of looking out my window each morning. Contentment.
6. I don't ever think about selling or moving. Home.
7. Groceries are high. Bummer.
8. Charley's electric fence doesn't always keep her home. Concerned.
9. My children are adjusting. Mostly.
10. My husband loves the trails and found some fellow cyclists. Yeah!
11. Thunderstorms are way cool. Loud.
12. God still provides. Thankful.
When we knew it was time to move, God directed and we followed. We're still following and He's still directing. We like it that way.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things

25 Things About Me

1. I don't like mornings very much. I'd rather sleep-in then get out of bed.

2. Coffee, Coke and distilled water are my 3 favorite drinks. Please don't offer me Pepsi.

3. I was born in Kentucky, lived in Arizona, married in California, reside in Colorado.

4. I love to travel. Wish I could go somewhere more often.

5. I have a dream of being an actress on a sit-com.

6. I've lost some of my hearing.. sure hope I don't lose more.

7. I hate the dark, especially by myself.

8. I have no sense of direction. Isn't everything North?

9. I have a chocolate addiction. Way addicted.

10. I am unorganized but most people think I am organized. I think it's a learned skill. Maybe I can use that on my resume. Hmm.

11. I lived in an apartment my senior year of high school with my sister Reginia.

12. I have 4 kiddos.. wanted 7.

13. I love red wine and truffles together.

14. I've been married 19 years to the same amazing man. This year makes 20. Does time really go by that fast?

15. I take a bubble bath every night, except for the summer.

16. I don't like exercise but love hikes and walking. I don't like obesity even more.

17. I've gone to 4 colleges and now I'm finishing my education with Regis University. Some things do get easier with age.

18. My dream car is a Red 2 Door Jeep. Promised myself one as a gift for raising 4 kids.

19. I love to dance.

20. I'm getting a tattoo this year in honor of my husband and our 20 years together much to my daughter's dismay.

21. I don't like shopping. It's no fun if you're on a budget. I'd rather not be sad when I come home.

22. I love learning and wish everyone else did too.

23. I cry over anything.

24. I want to be a national Christian women's speaker. Encouraging women to love the Lord and honor their husband.I think 23 might get in the way.

24. I love to pray.

25. I love Jesus. There is no other name under heaven I'd serve.

Ok.. your turn. If you are reading this, you're it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day 1990.. Married This Time!

Again. Sorry for the sad photos... again.. not scanned well.

1990. Married 4 months. The Day of Love!

I was working at a pre-school downtown from 6 am-2 pm and T was with Dole then. I couldn't wait to plan this Valentine's Day. There was no way of topping an engagement ring but now that we were married.. well, I could plan other fun things. I raced home and got to work. First I called my mom to get a recipe for meatloaf. Then I ran to the store, ran back as fast as I could, and got cooking! I made a nice meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, a veggie and applesauce. I was not and am not much of a cook so having dinner turn out was Mar-Ve-Lous! Ok, now for decorating. We lived in this apartment that wasn't so attractive but I had to make due. I pulled the twin guest mattress into the living room by the fireplace, I grabbed sheets and thumbtacks, and I got the fireplace ready with wood. I made a tent out of the sheets, enclosing the living room just like I did when I was a kid. I set the mattress in the middle and set out our place settings for dinner nearby in the tent. I decorated with red hearts and made him a sign for the door. I changed into something more comfortable before he got home, checking my clock to the minute. It was time to start the fire. I did everything Terrell did; got the starter log, lit the match, turned on the gas, and wa la.. I had a fire. and smoke. lots of smoke rolling into my love nest. Oh dear! I hadn't opened the flue! I quickly ran and opened the windows and started waving towels to get the smoke out, setting off the smoke alarm! I was just hoping the neighbors didn't see me. I ran to get water and threw it in the fire. AGHHHH! Ok, gotta save this moment, Terrell was expected home any minute. I hear his key turn and then a little laugh or was that a cough. He loved my tent, dinner, and me.. Oh yes, he made us a fire. It worked this time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day 1989

Let me say before I dive into my story that this scan thing didn't quite work this time. Not sure why, but it didn't. So click on the picture for a better view!

Now my story...
February 1989, Valentine's Day.
Terrell and I had been dating since October and this was my first official Valentine's Day with someone I loved. Other than my parents of course , but that doesn't count. I love Valentine's Day. No better holiday. Of course my name could have been Cinderella too and I would have been pleased. Now you get the picture.
T and Rod were roomies. Liesl, Rod's girlfriend-now wife of many years, and I were friends. We happened to have key to their place and went in to decorate. The picture is our creation. Notes, balloons, cards! How fun was that! Terrell had planned a nice dinner for us that evening. (I can't believe I don't have any pictures of the two of us from that night.) We went to Black Angus Steak House in Fresno, California, had a great private dinner in a quiet booth, and a great dessert. He was acting strange that night. Blowing on the lamp that hung over head, distracted, just being strange. Not at all like my husband. Well.. we left there and took a drive up towards Millerton Lake to Sky something Road. Now you have to know, he had a very nice RX-7 so driving was very fun. The moon was full and we parked. No, we didn't PARK, we parked to look at the lake and talk. No really. Talk. Well, in a short time he pulled out this little box and asked me to marry him. Oh my goodness. The ring was beautiful and I said yes! Not 'cause of the ring...cause I loved this man!
The rest is History.. Our History.
This Valentine's Day is our 20th anniversary of that great moment in our life. I have looked forward to every February 14th since. I know, I am a hopeless romantic!
My next story is even better... just wait til tomorrow!

Open Windows

Yep, It's February 5th and I opened the windows! Weird winter this year. I'm not complaing today though. Fresh air in the house is always welcome.

Valentine's Day is soon. Stay tuned. I have some ideas and memories to share!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Road to Adoption

This is an inspritation for any of us out there. Jen's blog is on the side bar if you want to learn about their cause and see tehir beautiful family. I'm hoping for a road trip this summer...right now we're blogging friends but someday, I'm hoping for coffee and chocolate chat sessions! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quote and End Quote

“A writer needs four things: experience, observation, success, and imagination.” -William Faulkner

I have to write a well supported 3-5 page paper by Wednesday on this quote, either agreeing or disagreeing.

I know what I think but what do you think? Is this too heavy of a topic? I guess I'll find out!