Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Final Look at our Summer

Well. (heavy sigh) Summer is over and school has come once again. With my new job, I have had NO time to dig into this ol' blog and share stories. So, tonight I figured I'd catch up and share at least pictures. I realized we did more than I thought! We had the joy of having our children home, the joy of company, projects that never stopped, outtings to Denver, hikes...just a few, Lina became our newest lawn mower, I decorated a classroom and had hours upon hours of training, and it ended with Boo buying her first car. So, yeah... All's well that ends well. In this case, better than well. We are all healthy, thriving, and changing. Blessing abound so any complaining I do about being dum-gad tired, you can ignore. Who can argue with a summer of pictures sharing joy and happiness?

Not me.

Our Deck is Done!

Well.. here it is! This is the finished product, a new 10 x 20 addition. The pictures are out of order for the work that was actually done but hey.. at least they are here. The retaining wall is done now and we desperately need plants. It took many hours and many dollars to finish but we are done.

So thankful!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

And She's Off

Summertime is a wonderful time for me. It brings warm temperatures, flowers, vacation, projects but mostly at this season in life, summer brings my family back together. All the kids that are scattered for college come back to the nest for a few short weeks. I can not believe it is already time to send one of my babies off again. Bec has a great job at school as a Head C. A., what we all called an R. A. in my day. She is also blessed in a big way this year with the only on campus apartment IN the dorms! She's ready to take on year 2 at WWU and obviously by the amount she's taking back, will be busy settling in.

Anxiety or Excitement? Hmmm..

Daddy is doing one final check on her engine before the long drive to Missouri. We had a bunch of work done this week on HER car, even new tires at a steal of a deal. Oh the Blessing that were ours this week!

Bec and Fishy are ready to take on the road. She crammed and stuffed EVERYTHING she possibly could in her car and trunk including a western saddle and a live fish. Ahh, college life at its best. This is gonna be a great year for my baby girl, full of change and adventure. The change: Bec didn't have a car last year and the big news for her this year, she is taking her very own car back. Adventure: Well, she is driving all the way to Missouri and where ever else her 4 wheels decide to go this year. Whoo Hoo! Let the adventures begin.

6:30 am

And she's off! Love you sweet girl! Happy Trails.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally...A Family Picture

My friend is fixing this one to take the pole from Bec's head. I love the pose.

This will go on the wall just cause it shows their personality. Love it!

I love pictures of trains and HOPED this would happen! And it did!

It was time. Actually, well overdue if you ask me. The last REAL family picture was when Lina was 3. Look at her! She is almost a teenager now. With the kids all going separate directions, I never know when we will have another opportunity for a photo shoot. One off to California, one off to Missouri, and one just busy. Our appointment was set for today 'cause Bec is off tomorrow.... already! Where did the summer go? I was sitting in a training session for work and got the message our beloved photographer we hired was sick. Oh my goodness, I panicked! On my way home, I made a last ditch effort with a friend I KNEW I could count on. Sure enough she came through. Let me just say I filled my own bucket with tears. You don't plan all these days and pick out clothing NOT to have pictures taken. So, up at "oh so early" we got ready, hugged some friends who were staying with us last night, and wandered our little booties over to Greenland Open Space. Here are a few fun ones. Enjoy!