Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally...A Family Picture

My friend is fixing this one to take the pole from Bec's head. I love the pose.

This will go on the wall just cause it shows their personality. Love it!

I love pictures of trains and HOPED this would happen! And it did!

It was time. Actually, well overdue if you ask me. The last REAL family picture was when Lina was 3. Look at her! She is almost a teenager now. With the kids all going separate directions, I never know when we will have another opportunity for a photo shoot. One off to California, one off to Missouri, and one just busy. Our appointment was set for today 'cause Bec is off tomorrow.... already! Where did the summer go? I was sitting in a training session for work and got the message our beloved photographer we hired was sick. Oh my goodness, I panicked! On my way home, I made a last ditch effort with a friend I KNEW I could count on. Sure enough she came through. Let me just say I filled my own bucket with tears. You don't plan all these days and pick out clothing NOT to have pictures taken. So, up at "oh so early" we got ready, hugged some friends who were staying with us last night, and wandered our little booties over to Greenland Open Space. Here are a few fun ones. Enjoy!

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