Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 27th ...look at the snow!!!!

It's crazy to go to bed with the stars shining and wake up to 4 fresh inches on the ground and still coming. I LOVE it!!! I questioned whether I would before we came but I truly love it. It is a different cold than in Cali. So fun!!! We had to drive out in it to get Charley this morning from the kennel and it was amazingly beautiful. Take a look at the video... Yes.. we still ACT like Californians.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's 5:30pm and I'm sending this little note to all of you who read this. Of Course, I know who reads it and who doesn't...

The kids are baking, playing Tendo, and wishing family were here. We're gonna play a game tonight too; probably Up and Down the River. Thank you Young Family!
We spoke to family and friends today. It's suppose to snow, time will tell. Tomorrow our Fellow Adventurers, the Kurtz's, are coming up to eat a scrumptious meal together. HAHAHAHAH!! All of you know I TRY to cook! They think it taste good so that's all that matters.
Wednesday we are going back to CS to look at more homes. We're getting close. I am anxious to make a decision. So... all is well. We're healthy, together, and have Jesus! What more can we ask for?
Merry Christmas Eve.
Kiss your kids!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Snow Fort

The girls had a great time finishing the fort in front of the condo. Notice the LACK of clothing. Gloves are good; jacket optional.

December Update

Hi all...

A simple update today to let you know the latest. We are enjoying the snow this winter. :) The kids have been busying themselves with school, reading, and Nintendo. They are out Christmas shopping for Terrell and I as I write. Terrell and I are going to CS this Friday for a day trip to look at more houses. We also are looking for temporary housing in CS so we can get down there and get established. So far everything is VERY expensive. We have a great cooperate condo at a great rate in FC. We have only sent a few Christmas cards to family this year. Know you're loved but we are holding off on a major mailer until we get a new address. To be honest looking for housing has been completely consuming; that and school. We are doing well though. We miss all the family and friends in Cali. I know the kids sure would love good ol' play time with friends. Gabe could use a tough football game or something physical! Charley has done very well. She is a great dog. I am tired of coughing and going stir crazy myself but appreciate the little cleaning that needs to be done here. Good break!

Praise report: The bikes are covered with insurance! Terrell has been caught looking at websites checking out new bikes. I am very happy for him.

Ok... all for today.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Charley at the Park

M&M's..... mmmmm so good.

Terrell bought dark chocolate M&M's for the family. It just isn't Christmas without M&M's! The dilemma: Gabe is an M&M hog!! T had to come up with a solution for this special problem. My sweet husband is the ultimate problem solver. Check out the pictures to see how he resolved this wonderfully, yummy, chocolate dilemma!

House shopping....

So we decided on a realtor and went house hunting this weekend. We saw some weird homes, some too big, and a few that could work with some modifications. We didn't see anything that was PERFECT. Is there such a thing on a budget? The area we are focusing on is Monument. Trees and Mtns everywhere you look. The specific neighborhood is Woodmoor for all you Colorado gurus. Large lots and older homes mostly. Great views. Unfortunately, some work would have to be done on what we've seen. We are trying to think LOOOOONG term now. Can we live here and watch grandchildren toddle around? I just don't want to keep moving. Let someone else do it from now on. (Of course I never know what the Lord has in store but that's my earthly point of view). I have some cute pictures of Kadence here too. Angelina took these while playing with her. How fun it has been to hug and kiss on her each week.
Keep us in your prayers as we navigate this journey... we appreciate it.
Oh, one more request... I can't get rid of this cough. Please pray for God's mercy on my health. I am trying to get better without a doctor. I feel fine; just coughing ALLL the TIMEEEE!!!
All for now.
Tuna Jones signing off.

Friday, December 14, 2007

News: The Landcruiser has Colorado Plates

Today we made another step of residency: Landcruiser Tags. I was quite happy with the cost; so was my husband. Total : $42.00!

Yooo HOOO!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fort Collins or Colorado Springs?

The verdict is in.....

We're moving to the Springs! After looking last weekend and visiting family, there is no turning back. We are heading south. The family is excited about finding a home and getting settled. We are prayerfully waiting and considering. I have done my homework on schools and now we are researching homes. Our favorite place is Monument. The town is very mountainous, full of trails, and close to CS and not far from Denver. But the best part of it all is the Kurtz family! We are excited about being near family and getting in lots of baby fixes with Kadence. I think I may have to go shopping for toys!

Please pray that we are patient and find the right home for our family. We'll keep you posted!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow and more snow!

Winter is here! We are getting 4 more inches today. Come on over and play with us. I'll make the coffee. Snow can be so distracting...all we want to do is play!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Colorado Springs

We went to Co Springs this weekend to visit Robby, Joanna, and Kadence. It was great to see them!!! You just can't replace family. We saw the Christmas program at New Life and attended service Sunday before the shootings. My brother is the lighting director for New Life. We also took a serious look at CS area for our future. We'll keep you posted.

Below is an excerpt from my sister (in-law) about praying for the church.... Please pray during this difficult time.

From Joanna.....

Yesterday afternoon someone opened fire on people coming out of our church worship center. We are so thankful that Robby left the church about 10 minutes before this all happened. So far we know that 1 person was killed and 3 others are in the hospital. The church was on lockdown the rest of the day. The roads were blocked off and the church was surrounded by SWAT team and snipers the rest of the day, and searched thoroughly. The attacker was fatally shot by one of the volunteer security officers at the church. Thank you so much for everyone who called to make sure we are ok - we are fine, just sad and still in shock. Our church has been through so much adversity in the past year. It is full of the most loyal people who have stuck with the church family through thick and thin. Please pray for these precious people and for the families of the victims and the attacker. Also pray for our pastor, Brady Boyd, who is showing his incredible strength in leadership through this situation. He has only been the pastor here for about three months, and already has a huge job in rebuilding the church from the very public fall of its previous pastor a year ago. Just pray for strength for him and his family during this time, and that God would give him everything he needs to lead these people through this time. Pray that through this tragedy, our church would be knit together in Christ and learn to trust Him more. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Posted by Joanna at 10:15 AM 1 comments

Friday, December 7, 2007

Park Play! Snow Play!

Here is another video of us today at the park. Charley surprised me with how much she loves the snow. She ran and ran. You may hear me coughing in the background. So sorry! Can't get rid of it. This was definately a highlight so far. Enjoy the snow!

Look at Charley go!

Charley loves the snow and the kids had a blast at the park today.

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

It finally snowed! Wow... the girls ran around all excited this morning when they realized the snow came last night. Charley even got into the excitement. I have to say it feels strange after all the years in California to wake up and see snow outside. My childhood memories of Kentucky came rushing back. My big plan for the winter is to make my children snow creme like my mom made us. Can't wait!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


The girls have really enjoyed Webkinz with their friends. This is Lina playing Webkinz with Haley. She finally had to stop because her hand went numb! Email and chatting have kept the kids in touch with their friends. Thank you to all of you out there who have emailed or signed into Yahoo messenger!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's official... we're really in Colorado!

So here is the first BIG change for us.
Terrell and Gabe went to the DMV and with the greeeateesst of ease had the trailer tagged and licensed.
Toto, we aren't in California anymore!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

" This is for all the oily people "

Okay.. I know the song is lonely but today it's for the OILY people!

This is for all the oily people,
Thinkin' that dry skin has passed then by.
Don't give up until you, move to Col or ado.
Then your skin will surely dry!

It's true! Colorado will dry out your oily skin right away. I have always had the big O but no more. Actually I think I will invest in stock for the lotion companies. I'll definitely being using a lot! So for all you out there looking for a place to dry out your oily pores...come join me!

All for now!
Tuna Jones

Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Charley!

Today is Charley's Birthday. She's one year old today. We celebrated with her by getting her a new crate and a new collar. I gave her one green bean..shh. Isn't she cute! Gabe took her up to the dog park today to play.

Hope all is well for all of you!

ps... I'm checkin' the mailbox daily for those Christmas cards!!! I can't wait to hear from all of you.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family Pictures...Mexico

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How lovely are thy branches!

We had a great day. First we slept in..mmmm. We had breakfast and left the house to explore the area. We drove in a big circle around the Fort Collins area. We went from Masonville to Wellington . After all was said and done, we came home for a quick break, grabbed Charley and took off again. The kids went to the park to give Charley some exercise and T and I went to Walmart. After dinner we went out again to get a tree. The "Home Depots "of the world had pitiful trees, but the tree lots around town had great ones. We purchased a tree we had not seen in California. Some sorta spruce.

Okay.. here is the fun part of the evening.... we left so much in California that we forgot our tree stand. My sweet husband was determined we were gonna find that stand and cheap! We drove away from the lot and wouldn't you know it, around the corner was a thrift store! Out jumped T, Boo, and Zoomie. After seeing them run around the store a few minutes they appeared again outside. Boo started digging in this rolling bin near the door and out comes this tree stand! SCORE! $2.99...whoo hoo! Then our tree needed a topper..SCORE again! $1.99. Plus we found some cool ornaments. The tree is beautiful!

Today we visited REZ church. Great service! The Spirit was there and the message perfect. The children's ministry was great for Lina. She wanted to go all by herself. I was very surprised and happy for her. We took some time to drive around Loveland after service.

And now I am cooking a Thanksgiving dinner...want to eat? Come on by!