Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boo's Send Off

We made it to Florida in August with ALLLL of Boo's things. Okay, so not ALL. We shipped some of it! We were amazed, simply amazed at the beauty and peaceful feeling of SEU. We knew this was a perfect fit for our Boosie. We toured the campus before the hub-bub of check in took place and found the serenity luring. Of course we had to go to the Gulf Coast and put our feet in the warm waters while we were there. Can't go that close to a beach and not go see it. So, our Boo is off and running. She is determined to finish in two years and move on in life's journey. Until then she is enjoying new friendships, new adventures and some God moments that will change her forever. We miss her but know that God's plans are bigger than ours. 

We love you Elizabeth!

So where to start...

How about July and Vacation for us. We had a blast going to Cali for a family reunion and then off to Az for rest and relaxation. We were all kissed by the sun, enjoyed the laughter of family and the rest only being away can give you. I could keep writing but have too many more post to catch up on! I'm not a good online scrapper right now but memories are memories, whether in pictures or words.