Saturday, February 16, 2013

I love hiking and getting lost... really I do.


Exercising by moving two legs in a forward motion on a trail. So they say.

We hike to Monument Rock regularly. We take the same trail there and the same trail back. The only time I've ventured away form the "norm" is when my GPS, aka my husband,  is with me. But today, today was different. The weather was spectacular and as we approached The Road Less Traveled, Lina says,"Which way?" Problem number one.

I looked BOTH ways, figured she knew where she was going, no, I'm not sure WHY I assumed that, and to the left we went.

We walked, took pictures, we talked, took pictures, T text me, I text him. He was somewhere out there biking and planning on catching up with us. "Where are you? I'm at Monument Rock." I stopped. We're supposed to be at Monument Rock.

"So girls, Dad wants to know where we are."

"I think Monument Rock is over that hill."

"THAT hill?" (BIG hill, tall hill, no sign of the GIANT rock.)

"I think so."

"Hey, let's go up and see!"  Lina chimes in. Good idea.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. Got my cardio in righty quick. So we blazed our own trail and sure enough there it was......over there.  Now to get there.

After looking around and discovering a fence all the way around us, we found the fire road and started walking. Not so sure we are supposed to be on this road since it is Federal Property but hey, we kept walking anyhow. After we rounded the federal building for the Heliport and the road ran out, figured it was a good time to find a trail again.

Just then we saw a man and his dogs, "Hey, where's the trail?"

"Not in there. I don't think your supposed to be in there." Ya don't say!

And who would happen to find us at that very same time, my very own GPS Husband! We were happy to be back in the designated trail system and actually on our way to the Rock.

After a longer than expected but very refreshing hike, I knew my way back to the car. Yeah me!

God forgot my internal GPS. Glad I married one.