Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes it's the simple things that are so fun! We saw this cute little contraption in So Cal at DT's house. She always has new cool gadgets and this one is a winner. I love it! Okay... so it's only a soap dispenser but it's hands free. How cool is that? Wave your hand underneath and it magically dispenses soap. Ta da!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

February 25th, 2011

Outside my window.... It's spitting snowish kind of stuff right now. Nothing serious, just cold.

I am thinking... Today is moving fast and I haven't done much. I don't feel very motivated. Lack of sleep causes lack of motivation for me.

I am thankful for... a husband who works hard for our family. As much as I explore nothing I am finding even comes close to his provision for us.

From the learning rooms.. I started a Bible study last month with some friends. Our fearless leader is amazing and full of wisdom. We are digging into Ephesians with Precepts. So far it's been great and very challenging. I definitely need to continue on and dig deeper still.

From the kitchen... this week is the beginning of another attempt to be gluten free. Found me some GF crackers that are yummy, bread that is great (Rudi's), and a pizza dough that isn't so hot. That was sad.

I am wearing... Valentine jammies and an ugly gray sweatshirt that is old as sin.

I am reading... a book by Francine Rivers called, called... what is it called??

I am going... to go on a date tonight. Well overdue. I am going to clean out my pantry and keep on keepin' on.

I am hoping... that I begin to feel better and resolve all this silliness with my body. I hope to actually sleep and then wake up not thinkin' about which body part hurts this morning. :(

I am hearing... Lina crunch her breakfast cereal. That's it. It's real quiet here today.

Around the house... feeling the need to get my master bathroom painted. I'm hoping my girls do it over spring break otherwise it won't ever get done. How sad is this post today??

A picture worth sharing...

This was taken at my friend Amanda's parents place while we were in California. We have three more months until we see flowers. It was wonderful to see flowers!

That's it today.. not much more happening really.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Comma Can Mean SOO Much!

This little bumper sticker came with some spices from a dear friend. I tell you what... I keep looking at it thinkin' it wants me to eat people. I see a comma in my mind and hear a pause after THEM. My, My, My. What a difference a comma makes. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Blessed Friendship Worth Keeping

Some of our sweetest friends came through Colorado this weekend and we were blessed to have some chat time, dinner time, coffee time and mall time with them. Loved it so much! A and I hardly get to catch up anymore but when we do it's over an hour on the phone and never a lack for words. I promised myself I wouldn't cry when I saw them but in true Tuna form, the tears flowed.

There is nothing like true friends.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our San Diego Adventures

No trip is complete without at least a few trips to In and Out. By visit number 2 to our fav.orite burger joint we split a meal. Why you ask? The good people of In and Out actually list the calories next to the item your buying now. Really? Heap on the guilt even more, why don't ya?

This, my friends, is my favorite tree. I Love Love LOVE eucalyptus trees!

Lina and I went with our friends A and J and their kiddos to the Birch Aquarium and then to Balboa Park. Gorgeous weather and a great time with friends!

While we were at the aquarium, we said hello to Dorie. :)
So that's the end of our amazing trip. Family. Friends. Food. I loved it all but when I saw these beautiful snow covered Rockies, I sighed big time. I was home. Nothing like Colorado....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sand Between My Toes

Really, could there be anything better than sand between your toes? Lina and I wandered down to Amanda's folks for a near San Diego as a part of our week away. It was Oh So Wonderful! We were just a short walking jont to the beach from their home. We were treated so kindly and their place was perfect for company. I think I may invite myself back sometime. :)

The tide was out so far we had a HUGE beach area almost to ourselves and some fun reefs to explore. Oh the wonders of God!

Amanda and I have lovely toes.. you just can't see them for 8 months in Colorado. :)

Cold water? Ehhh... how often do we get to Cali? Swimming was a must for sure.

My sweet girl. This is the first vacation without all our kids. Not the last, I'm sure. I've had a bunch of fun with her but found myself texting our children often (as I had service that is). I think it made me feel not so far away.

And this fine heart is for my man... our first Valentine's in 22 years apart. I missed him but we will celebrate soon enough.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

California. Family. Sun.

Time for some California sun! Lina and I took off to meet up with T in So Cal. Can you tell she is excited!? We had a quick jont over the mountains and in no time we landed in Long Beach.

After catching up a few days with family, A and D opened up their home for an early celebration for my man's 50th Bday. Cousin time was well over due and these two boys are as close as they were when they were just Doodie Dot and Bootie Head. This momma LOVED seeing them both, even if it is for a short time.
Yes.. we do have beautiful toes. All ready for some sun.

Our hostesses of the mostess. Debbie is so fun to hang with. She can cook a great meal and talk all the same time. Our times together aren't often enough really. You want good salsa... come to Debbie's house.

Yeah! We got to catch up with these two chickies as well. Did you know self portraits are better at 43 if you look up? uh, huh...

T's bday is in March so his momma gathered us all together for a little celebrating. 50 never looked so gooood!

I love this man. So glad to spend time this week with family and enjoy some RnR with T before he goes back to work. Next stop.... San Diego!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Ya Wish You Could Get Stuck Like Me.. Don't Ya!

It snowed last night... as if you can't tell. Well, a few of us have planned to study God's Word together for awhile. No snow storm stops us, no sir ree! Now a ditch.. that's a different story.

My very fun, very adventurous friend, Amanda, picked me up and off we went. We made it all the way to MD's house.

I said," You sure you want to go up there (the driveway)?" Amanda: "Sure! I'll get a running start." Now Amanda had no clue there was a ditch on both sides of the driveway. I however did and did not warn her. Oops! Annnd into the ditch we go. Oh yes, a little more info. It's all of 8 degrees outside, maybe.

MD and Amanda worked on rocks and snow moving, trying to give Amanda something to grab onto with her tires.

Amanda put it in reverse, punched it while they pushed and pushed. Nope. The van wasn't movin'.
Yeah, so... I made Amanda pose. Hence the title of the post. We were singin' the song "Don't ya wish you could be hot like me.. I mean stuck." Ba haha. But she is so cute by her stuck van.

Plan B. Toyota to the rescue. I mean really. Toyotas are just T.H.E bomb. One gets stuck the other one gets it out. We really should have had a camera, it was commercial material. 4 women, 3 boys, 2 stuck cars, and 1 camera.

Oh yes! She is out of the ditch.

You go girl!

All this and not one husband was advised. High Fives all around!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally!! Snow has Cometh our Wayeth!

Happy Superbowl Day! Our weathermen can't get the forecast right. A few inches they said....try a foot. And we LOVE it! It is about time we got some of our own fluffy stuff. We live in Colorado for goodness sakes.

Boo got herself some practice with driving in the snow today. She did awesome!

Before we shoveled...

Charley was so happy to be outside playing in the snow while we worked. She's been going stir crazy with our frigid temperatures.
Perfect snow angel weather.

Of course my man pulled out the ol' snow blower to tackle the piles. Thank you modern technology.

Shovel, Shovel, Shovel!

Well, sometimes you just have to throw the snow on each other. Gotta add some fun while shovelling the white stuff.

Lovin' Colorado!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peaceful Knowing

The cold rages on outside. No more snow but frigid temperatures continue. -14 to be exact. Schools are closed, everyone is hunkering down until the temperatures rise once again.
Last year I would have been out of my mind. I was so cold and so anxious about the winter. Not so this year.
I am right where I belong. Cold, frigid temperatures and all. I have my baby girl doing math next to me and listening to my husband work so hard and so long one room over. All of us together in one place.
There are times I question home-schooling. I wonder how Lina will do compared to her siblings. My other three had each other, they played together when the studies were done. She is alone with two adults more than with her brother and sisters. Today I was reminded of bringing Gabe and Becca home from public school mid-year to be home-schooled. I remember the conviction God gave me to bring up our family differently. Gabe all of 6 years old and Bec all of 5, sitting together for a couple hours learning how to read and write. Learning about God's world around them. Learning how to be kind and compassionate. Then there was little Boo, joining in with her toys and waiting for them to be done so they could all play together. My kids lived life together... not just book knowledge. They learned God's word and memorized it. they cooked, cleaned, played together while I read aloud to them. They became friends.
I'm glad in the stillness of this cold day God reminded me of this.
In this new season of life for me I have two adult children paving their way in this world. Both in college on opposite sides of America. I have another teenage daughter in her junior year of high school going to college full time. And then I have my baby girl, Lina. Still growing, still changing, about to enter some of the toughest years ahead of her; the time I loved the most with my other three: Junior High. In all this, I struggle with the need to help out with college bills. Juggle. Juggle. Juggle.
But today, today I am reminded Who my provider is. I am reminded I am doing my part by God's grace and provision. And I am reminded of the conviction God placed in our life 14 years ago to walk a different path with our children's education.
Life never stays the same, I know this far too well. But God doesn't change and His vision for me hasn't either. Some times I just need a quiet -14 day to be reminded.