Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sand Between My Toes

Really, could there be anything better than sand between your toes? Lina and I wandered down to Amanda's folks for a near San Diego as a part of our week away. It was Oh So Wonderful! We were just a short walking jont to the beach from their home. We were treated so kindly and their place was perfect for company. I think I may invite myself back sometime. :)

The tide was out so far we had a HUGE beach area almost to ourselves and some fun reefs to explore. Oh the wonders of God!

Amanda and I have lovely toes.. you just can't see them for 8 months in Colorado. :)

Cold water? Ehhh... how often do we get to Cali? Swimming was a must for sure.

My sweet girl. This is the first vacation without all our kids. Not the last, I'm sure. I've had a bunch of fun with her but found myself texting our children often (as I had service that is). I think it made me feel not so far away.

And this fine heart is for my man... our first Valentine's in 22 years apart. I missed him but we will celebrate soon enough.

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