Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Ya Wish You Could Get Stuck Like Me.. Don't Ya!

It snowed last night... as if you can't tell. Well, a few of us have planned to study God's Word together for awhile. No snow storm stops us, no sir ree! Now a ditch.. that's a different story.

My very fun, very adventurous friend, Amanda, picked me up and off we went. We made it all the way to MD's house.

I said," You sure you want to go up there (the driveway)?" Amanda: "Sure! I'll get a running start." Now Amanda had no clue there was a ditch on both sides of the driveway. I however did and did not warn her. Oops! Annnd into the ditch we go. Oh yes, a little more info. It's all of 8 degrees outside, maybe.

MD and Amanda worked on rocks and snow moving, trying to give Amanda something to grab onto with her tires.

Amanda put it in reverse, punched it while they pushed and pushed. Nope. The van wasn't movin'.
Yeah, so... I made Amanda pose. Hence the title of the post. We were singin' the song "Don't ya wish you could be hot like me.. I mean stuck." Ba haha. But she is so cute by her stuck van.

Plan B. Toyota to the rescue. I mean really. Toyotas are just T.H.E bomb. One gets stuck the other one gets it out. We really should have had a camera, it was commercial material. 4 women, 3 boys, 2 stuck cars, and 1 camera.

Oh yes! She is out of the ditch.

You go girl!

All this and not one husband was advised. High Fives all around!

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John and Amanda Huckstep said...

I'm so glad I have you to document our adventures! The women rocked today!!!!!