Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our San Diego Adventures

No trip is complete without at least a few trips to In and Out. By visit number 2 to our fav.orite burger joint we split a meal. Why you ask? The good people of In and Out actually list the calories next to the item your buying now. Really? Heap on the guilt even more, why don't ya?

This, my friends, is my favorite tree. I Love Love LOVE eucalyptus trees!

Lina and I went with our friends A and J and their kiddos to the Birch Aquarium and then to Balboa Park. Gorgeous weather and a great time with friends!

While we were at the aquarium, we said hello to Dorie. :)
So that's the end of our amazing trip. Family. Friends. Food. I loved it all but when I saw these beautiful snow covered Rockies, I sighed big time. I was home. Nothing like Colorado....

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