Friday, February 20, 2015

HVAC, Windows, and Plumbing

Oh basement, basement, basement! The work continues on this 1000 square feet of space. We can not wait to use it. Boo and Terrell installed the HVAC last weekend after the plans were worked and materials purchased. This wasn't as simple as a run to Home Depot. It cracks me up that the punching bag is still up. 

We've had so many conversations about the basement from tile, to how many contractors have been called for which project  to where lights are going to one window vs two in this bedroom. It's all coming together now and starting to pick up pace. I was so very excited when the widows were installed. The bedroom came to life with the light finally able to shine in from outside.

The plumber came last week....yeah, running water!  T has been therapeutically framing; it's super close to completion. We have hall closets now and the form of each space is taking shape. I can't wait to see the finishing touches but we have a few steps to complete first. 
Next up: electrical and lighting

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Portland, Family, and Selfies

We finished our time with Gabriel and Sarahh taking a trip into Portland. Let me just say, IT DIDN'T RAIN!!!!  So we actually got pictures and walked around.

 No. Big. Deal.  
Unless you are better acquainted with walking in the snow or sun. Sunshine is always welcome!
We attempted to go to VooDoo Donuts but the one day they were closed was today.   So off we went to the Hawthorne District for some second hand shopping and local food.  We also walked by the water front, squeezing in as much of the area as we could in a few short hours. Now it was time to divide and conquer. A few of us scurried home and a few went to the Land of Oz... IKEA.
All in all a wonderful afternoon. Our time with Gabe and Sarahh went by oh so fast!  I love having everyone together in one place. But Alas, until next time....

Go Broncos! Oh that's right, that was last year.

We came together to watch the commercials... I mean the game.  You can see how enthused we were. There were some exciting moments of the game, like the time we thought the Seahawks were gonna win and then they didn't.  Yeah, I think the commercials and half-time show WERE the game.  But we did what we always do; watched the two teams, cheered for good plays and ate gumbo. And we did it all together.

 Becca is still making her jumbo blanket. One day this bright red blanket will be done. Feel free to send yarn. It's taking boat loads!

We did represent today... ALL day. Church, home, store. Doesn't matter, the Broncos were there.

And we couldn't have a Super Bowl without this bowl!  Gumbo by my man. It is delicious and always worth the once a year wait. Until next year, the commercials will make us cry, the jerseys will be worn with pride and we will still be saying "Go Broncos!"

Beach Day

Once upon a time there was a family who planned a wonderful trip to Cannon Beach. The family had grown and so two vehicles were needed to transport them to this lovely land with flowing waters. The elders chose to ride a two wheeled vehicle with air flowing freely. Looking at the blue skies and open road beckoning, they zipped up their jacket and rode off. Little did these two know that within thirty minutes the damsel would be in distress, knees knocking and teeth chattering. After a break to hug on the side of the road, warming up the bones as best as possible, the two continued towards the flowing waters. So their journey doesn't include amazing beach pictures or even the coffee stop that was justified to increase their internal temperature. No, this time the photos are of their family enjoying the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the ocean; sinking their toes in the sand. 
Photo Credit: Gabe and Elizabeth Thruston

T and I made it in time to catch a few minutes on the beach and a few pictures with the children. I love these five. Seriously, nothing better than walking up on a beach to see your children exploring together.

We ended our adventure to the flowing waters eating at a beach side restaurant while watching the waves roll in. Clam chowder, deep fried clams, and cod. Delicious.

The two wheeled vehicle went home one less passenger.

Framing with His Boy

What could be more fun for two men who love working with their hands? Well.. working together of course! It warms this momma's heart to see these two building and cutting and discussing nothing but WOOD. Gabe was a huge help for T and gave us women a reprieve for a few days.  One more wall done and another step closer to 1000 square feet of livable space. I think that was the Hallelujah chorus I just heard in my ear.