Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Portland, Family, and Selfies

We finished our time with Gabriel and Sarahh taking a trip into Portland. Let me just say, IT DIDN'T RAIN!!!!  So we actually got pictures and walked around.

 No. Big. Deal.  
Unless you are better acquainted with walking in the snow or sun. Sunshine is always welcome!
We attempted to go to VooDoo Donuts but the one day they were closed was today.   So off we went to the Hawthorne District for some second hand shopping and local food.  We also walked by the water front, squeezing in as much of the area as we could in a few short hours. Now it was time to divide and conquer. A few of us scurried home and a few went to the Land of Oz... IKEA.
All in all a wonderful afternoon. Our time with Gabe and Sarahh went by oh so fast!  I love having everyone together in one place. But Alas, until next time....

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