Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Go Broncos! Oh that's right, that was last year.

We came together to watch the commercials... I mean the game.  You can see how enthused we were. There were some exciting moments of the game, like the time we thought the Seahawks were gonna win and then they didn't.  Yeah, I think the commercials and half-time show WERE the game.  But we did what we always do; watched the two teams, cheered for good plays and ate gumbo. And we did it all together.

 Becca is still making her jumbo blanket. One day this bright red blanket will be done. Feel free to send yarn. It's taking boat loads!

We did represent today... ALL day. Church, home, store. Doesn't matter, the Broncos were there.

And we couldn't have a Super Bowl without this bowl!  Gumbo by my man. It is delicious and always worth the once a year wait. Until next year, the commercials will make us cry, the jerseys will be worn with pride and we will still be saying "Go Broncos!"

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