Friday, February 20, 2015

HVAC, Windows, and Plumbing

Oh basement, basement, basement! The work continues on this 1000 square feet of space. We can not wait to use it. Boo and Terrell installed the HVAC last weekend after the plans were worked and materials purchased. This wasn't as simple as a run to Home Depot. It cracks me up that the punching bag is still up. 

We've had so many conversations about the basement from tile, to how many contractors have been called for which project  to where lights are going to one window vs two in this bedroom. It's all coming together now and starting to pick up pace. I was so very excited when the widows were installed. The bedroom came to life with the light finally able to shine in from outside.

The plumber came last week....yeah, running water!  T has been therapeutically framing; it's super close to completion. We have hall closets now and the form of each space is taking shape. I can't wait to see the finishing touches but we have a few steps to complete first. 
Next up: electrical and lighting

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