Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Construction Boo

The basement project continues and so does our help. Boo jumped in to help during a time where we really needed her. She was there often the last three weeks in the basement using the table saw, putting up lights, discussing measurements and painting the vanity.  I know she has learned a lot more than she planned and I know Terrell is so thankful for the help as well as the one on one time with his baby girl before she moved away. (That's another post) I never would have thought that our kids would do so much construction during their years at home. Seriously, when I married this man I love, I never knew he was able to do all things he does for us. Not only can he but he has shared his knowledge with our children.  Terrell has given them a skill that they can confidently take with them or at least not be afraid of home improvement projects and tools.

Thank you Boo for all your help! We love you and appreciate your willing heart.

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