Monday, March 23, 2015

Ceilings and Good Friends

These two. Let's just talk for minute about these two. I've heard Jane's name for years as T has worked with her at the Mother Ship. I knew she was my husband's friend but never did I think she would become MY friend. Why? Well.. she was here and I was there; those 1000 miles a part can kind of stifle a friendship that's established, let alone begin a new one. And wouldn't you know it, God's plans are sometimes strangely different than our own. When we found out we were moving here, Jane was SOOO excited. She started communicating all things Washington. She helped me with school choices, she even looked at our short lived rental for us. She and Wes met us at Starbuck's on our exploratory trip out here months before we moved and when we arrived in Washington brought us FOOD and HUGS and SUPPORT. All things that I needed. This one, she is my first Washington friend. Now her husband, Wes, became our second friend. Literally the evening we pulled into the rental home, after hours upon hours of driving, these two had us over for dinner. Seriously... when God handed out the gift of hospitality, these two got a double portion. They just know how to love on people. So fast forward. We are now ready to sheetrock and Wes KNOWS the trade.  He's in the tech world but as conversation would go, he did this years prior. Oh Thank you Jesus again! He willingly said,"I want to help!" No thought to the sacrifice of time and energy it was going to take, Wes and Jane jumped in with both feet.  So these two... can't say enough!


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