Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time to Insulate

[ ˈins(y)əˌlāt ]

verb: insulate · third person present: insulates · past tense: insulated · past participle: insulated · present participle: insulating
  1. protect (something) by interposing material that prevents the loss of heat or the intrusion of sound:
    "The room was heavily insulated against all outside noise."
    synonyms: wrap · sheathe · cover · coat · encase · enclose · envelop ·  
The Bing definition sentence is perfect! This will be our theatre so an insulated room from all outside noise will go a long way! 

 Lina is ready for work. We all looked like outlaws  making sure we protected our lungs from this pink stuff.

We have to keep some things down in the basement as we work since we are lacking space in other areas of the home for storage; boxes, furniture, random household items. The furniture is going to need some spring cleaning before we sit down and the picture albums might just need the air compressor blowing away the dust too before they are lovingly placed on a shelf again. As beautiful as PINK is, we are ready for another layer of covering to create a finished wall.  Moving on to sheetrock next.

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