Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Moving to California!

Yea... not me this time. This one... my third born child, my second daughter, and adventurer. This one just left home for a new job in California. She moved back to where she came. She moved to a place we all love and is now starting a new chapter in her life. I miss her terribly.

We went to dinner the night before she left to celebrate her and have a meal together.

And then she was off. Off with her sister, driving to California to a new beginning. How can one be so happy/sad at the same time? I am very proud of Boo and know she will continue to follow the path God has her on and she knows we are always here supporting her, what may come.  I am also trying to walk this new territory. We all are actually. When you're as close as we all are, figuring out how to set the table with fewer plates and make plans with fewer people and a hear little less laughter in the house is all just a bit weird.  Life.

We love you Boosie girl! May you enjoy this adventure and find laughter each day. May God show  His profound goodness to you. May you be in the shelter of His wings and protection. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


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